Heat and Sun

Does anyone have any problems with the heat and Sun? I seem to get tired quick when I am outside even if I am not active.

i don't know if it's related to the weather at all, but heat makes me sleepy as well. last week was pretty warm, and while i got out quite a bit i did need to lay down for a few hours by sunday afternoon because i was so tired.

when you get hot and sweaty, your body is burning more energy. it's also losing more water. both of these can make you feel sleepy. i like the warm weather, but my skin catches fire when i walk outside in the sun. i usually carry high SPF around with me or try to do my "outside stuff" after the sun starts to go down.

makes my bg levels rise so I have to take more insulin

When I am out in the sun and humidity....I get really tired and my blood sugar rises.....I hate it!  It makes going to the beach and amusement parks not very fun.....:(

I have actually gotten dehydrated before in the heat and it caused me to get acidosis, so make sure you always stay hydrated when out in the heat

Thanks for the tip. I did not know that. I mean drinking makes sense but we often forget. I learned a new term today "acidosis" cool. :)

Yes,  I have that problem also.  I was on the East Coast at the end of May only using public transportation and the humidity was killing me.  Didn't feel like eating but must have drank gallons of water - had to tell my family to slow down when walking but did get to all of the destinations.  If there was an elevator anywhere, I was overjoyed.  Ate a lot of salads,  Defintely wear a hat and sunscreen.  Carried Juice boxes everywhere and that was very helpful if I felt I was going low and quite refreshing.

It has been in the 90's here for many days. we have no air conditioning here in SE NY. Last summer was great, not many hot days and lots of rain. This spring and summer are totally different, terribly hot and dry.

I need more insulin when I am in the sun, so I avoid the sun in very hot weather. I use big fans in the house and wait until 7 PM. or later to walk for an hour outdoors. If it is a terribly hot day, i drive to the mall and walk there.