Heavy weight workout & weight gain

I am 26 years old.I want to start heavy weight workout with weight gaining but i am confused here which supplements do i have to take?I want this details specefically.
Current weight-66kg
I take insulins two times a day (before breakfast & dinner)
exercise time before dinner.

Hi @kas14 welcome to TypeOneNation. You don’t HAVE to take any supplements.

You need to eat more lean protein. You may have to add a meal. For building muscle it’s better to also reduce fats and to always control your blood sugar. I wouldn’t guess if you have any dietary restrictions but that’s what I’d do.

You may have to modify what kinds of insulin and your dosing. if you aren’t comfortable making your own decisions about insulin you should work with a doctor.


Thank you for your response,but I forgot to mention I am hypothyroidism patient also(since 18 years). If you give me perfect diet chart it will be better for me.

Hi @kas14 and welcome to the forum. There really is no perfect diet chart. When it comes to losing weight and/or managing diabetes, people find out what works best for them. As far as supplements for exercise, your nutritionist may have guidance for you, but people who enjoy endurance activities (that might be the wrong term) may benefit from talking with an exercise physiologist familiar with diabetes.

Yes @kas14 this is a self-help forum. We are all patients like you. In fact many people with type 1 diabetes also have hypothyroidism. I do

So this isn’t the official JDRF reply, We are just people like you who have type 1 diabetes. We also don’t give other people direct medical advice as we are not doctors. We usually share what works for us, or our experiences.