Heightened sense of smell?

Does anyone else experience a heightened sense of smell when their sugar is high? That may not be the best way of explaining it, but I’ve noticed that when my sugar is high I smell a chemical scent in the air. I’ve tried looking into this but I haven’t had any luck finding anything even remotely close. Thanks!

@mringen hi Mackenzie welcome to Type One Nation.

It’s not common, but possible that you are smelling the fruity smell of ketones on your own breath. This is possible with high blood sugar. Some people have described this fruity smell as “acetone “ which to me is not fruity at all. To me acetone (nail polish remover) is a horrible solvent smell.

Anyway that’s my guess. Hope it doesn’t happen all that often. Cheers!

Hi Mackenzie occasionally I will smell the chemical smell of this particular ketone if my sugar is high. If you smell them regularly it may be a good idea to invest in some ketone test strips for urine.