Helllllllllllp please again

i was at work tonight and somehow my pump wasnt delivering anything because it told me it wasnt primed, so i primed it again and then i filled the canula again.. well then i got home and the cap came off that covers the cartridge came loose, and i was told not to mess with the cap cuz it messes things up.. is this true? and do i need to switch everything out, again i already did it once this morning.

thanks again guys!

HI Liz.-my daughter is not on a pump yet....but I wondered if you had to change everything out ?

We were told that when the pump says that it is not primed (and it is)  that means something is wrong.  Like the cap being loose or battery cover damaged.  In our case we just had a bad tubing set.  I changed that all out and it worked fine. When I called Animas, they said that not primed means something is wrong, but not necessarily anything to do with the actually priming of the pump.

i'm not on the pump yet but maybe trying calling your endo.

contact ur pump's 24hour help line and/or your endo or diabetes educator.

good luck!