Okay, i know that i need to check like 8 times a day, but i never check, NEVER. And iv been liying to my mom and doctor and stuff and they know and my a1c is through the roof, and i just dont know how to make myself keep checking! God im tired of them yelling at me. I know i need to, i know the consequences, i need help. :(

Hi.. I have a hard time checking my blodd sugar too... I put an alarm in my phone for every two to three hours and that helps me remember to check. I wear an insulin pump which also has an alarm for every two to three hours so I have two alarms going off which remind me to check. hope that helps :)

Hi makiku! I totally understand the frustration with testing. Such a simple thing, but such a pain in the butt and sometimes easy to forget. I'm not trying to sound like yet another person who nags you, but it is really important that you test. I went through the same thing, not testing but telling people I was. Not the smartest choice. I would suggest that you start small, meaning pick one time of the day to test. For example, when you wake up. Make sure your meter is by your bed so it's the first thing you see. Just try to make it a habit, and then pick another time to test. Amandalee had a good suggestion about using an alarm to remind you. I've done that too, and it helps when I'm busy during the day and sometimes forget. My insulin pump is also set to remind me of a BG test 2.5hrs after eating. After a while, it become second nature.

Here's a question for you - is there any particular reason you're not testing? Is it a hassle or do you find it painful?

Read this.  


What you're doing is super common.  I was exactly the same as a teen and young adult.  At some point I realized that I was wasting time always recovering from a high or low and I hated feeling out of control.  The cool thing about diabetes is that when you make a positive change you see instant results.  You'll do it when you're ready.  

Bad control can cause complications, but worrying about the negative never motivated me.  What helps me to take care of my D is knowing that good blood sugars give me the energy and good mood I need to do well in life.  Your glucose meter isn't a judge.  It's just a machine that tells you if you need to take a little more insulin or eat a snack.  

Honey, I can tell you that as a parent of a child with type I diabetes, you have to think of the long run.  I have seen people (working in the healthcare field) later on in years who didn't manage their diabetes and I promise you that its not good BUT......You have probably heard all of this before.  I know my son got tired of me nagging him day in and day out.  When I stopped nagging was when he opened up to me and told me how it really upset him for me to do that.  He told me he knew how much I loved him and cared but that he wanted to handle things himself and not talk about it all of the time.  He still feels this way sometimes and I let him come to me and talk whenever he needs to vent.  Since I just simply monitered him instead of nagging, he started taking better care of himself and checking most of the time like he is supposed to.  My suggestion would be to simply take your family to the side and explain how it makes you feel. You have to know that it IS in your best interest to take care of yourself but I think sometimes family overkills the worries.  I did and I am so glad I backed off.  Doesn't mean I don't pay attention, I just don't constantly ride my son about it.  This gives him a little more control over his own situation and this way, he doesn't feel like he controlled in every aspect of his life.  Talk to them......  They can take it.  :)  Just don't punish yourself okay.  And know....it is okay to vent.  Find that person that listens closely even if it is through here.  

Hello! I want to tell you as a diabetic of 17 years who for the last 7 years has not taken very good care of myself that you need to start checking and taking insulin. Im not going to try to lecture you but just tell you my story in hopes that you will not turn out like me. Recently I went to my endo appointment and found out that after all these years the side effects are coming. Im only 20 years old with a whole life ahead of me but unfortunately because I was a horrible diabetic my life may be cut way short. I was told that i was in the early stages of renal failure. Yeah it sucks. All of this could have been avoided or at least happened when i was older if only I would check my blood sugar and take insulin!!!! I was just like you are. not wanting to check or take insulin or any of that. it wasnt because of the needles it was just because i didnt want to do. I resent my diabetes for putting such a strain on my life. but now i understand the necessity of checking and taking my insulin. PLEASE do not continue this path you are on because the end result will not be good. Check your blood sugars and take insulin!!! Set reminders on your phone or if you have a pump set reminder on that! Ask you friends and family to help remind you before a meal!! Do anything you can!! Good luck!! If you want to talk to me on here for support I would be happy too!!!!

Thank you guys so much :) No, I don't find it painful. Its annoying though. I guess I just don't remember and when I do, I just don't. I don't know why :( And I'v tried everything,but it doesn't work. But now I have you guys to help me. :) <3 Thhank you!

i do the exact same thing, i never check and when they ask i always lie because its usually high and when it is they always yell at me. so there not helping me at all it can be so frustrating! my doctor wont let me drive cause my A1c is so high! :( i need support and someone to tlk to!


I'm sorry you're feeling bad about yourself and your high A1C's. It's hard to keep blood sugars perfect when there's so much going on with school, friends, etc. But at least you have to keep trying. You can only get away with lying about checking for so long because of the A1C test. My daughter is in the same boat. She is 16, just got her driver's license and it's been good incentive for her to monitor more closely so she can keep driving and have her teenage freedom. Good luck!



I know what you all are talking about.  But, A1Cs always tell on you.  I hate testing my blood sugar.  HATE!  Who does...

I wear the Medtronic Revel insulin pump, which has a built-in “continuing glucose monitor” (CGM), which means that IT tests your blood sugar bout every 5 minutes.  I sill half to test myself about 3 times a day to calibrate this CGM opt it will not work and you must change the needle every three days.

If you don't have a insulin pump, there is another thing CGM you can use from Dexcom...  You put this needle in your body and it stays in for 7 days and got to test your blood sugar twice a day to calibrate it.  It is better to do it 3 times a day, but it sure beats the heck out of doing it 6 to 8 times a day. The CGM needles are not uncomfortable.  In about a week or so you will even notice you are wearing it and it gives your doctor more data to manager your diabetes.  I play soccer and baseball and my CGM nor my insulin pump get in the way.  It does cost more, but I am pretty brittle, so, I got to have it and there is insurance.

Just the you might want to know.


Could you try a pump?  It delivers insulin more like a pancreas does.  I've used a pump for about 10 years and am still amazed by what good blood sugars I usually have.  I used to feel like a failure, but have realized that injected insulin makes it tough to get good results and wasn't flexible enough for me.  

I know some people have had complications after having bad control, but it doesn't happen to everyone.  High blood sugar is just one of the contributors to diabetics developing complications.  

Of course you will feel better and diminish your chance of getting complications if you have fewer highs and lows.   Figure out what will work for you, in your life.  And don't lose hope.  I had really terrible control for decades.  No bad consequences and I grew out of my diabetes rebellion. 



I know exactly what you mean. I been going through something similar with the lying, A1C, parents and doctors. Is there anything that's helped you since you posted this?

Aleks. Type 1 for 6 years. 16 years old.

I hope that over the last few months that things have got better for you.  I was diagnosed when I was 11 and i am 24 now and i totally understand where your coming from.  When I was first diagnosed, i was on vials and syringes, Now i am on the pump, and it made a huge difference in my numbers.  That was of course when i was testing all the time.  yes we need to check all the time, and at times it can be really hard. I knew the conseqeunces also, but that did not help me test more and keep track of myself better.  I had an experience just recently that changed my outlook on taking care of myself.  Im hoping by me telling you this, you will get a different perspective.  This past friday May 11 i was taking to the ER for DKA.  I was then admitted to ICU for 3 days.  When i went in i was so cotton mouthed i couldnt swollow, talk, i couldnt do anything.  My heart was racing like i had just ran 5 miles, i was throwing up, had the chills and just hurting all over.  This all resulted in me not doing what i should be doing.  I wasnt testing and giving insulin like i was supposed to becasue i wanted to know what it felt like to be "normal" and me trying to have that feeling of normal landed me in the icu with tones of tests and IVs and people constantly taking blood and never leaving me alone.  

I know its hard, and im struggling with getting back on track at this moment! But at the end of the day, YOUR life is important to you and everybody around you!  Yes, we have to make some adjustments in our life styles to accomodate to this disease but at the end of the day its all worth it.

Take care of yourself kid.  This will help avoid complications later on in life!

Message me if you ever need anything!

Keep your head up.  Read the post i posted below and hopefully that will help.  When you look at the bigger picture, the things that could happen if you dont take care of yourself are much more stressful than taking care of yourself now.  Stop lying and be straight with yourself. Set goals for your AlC, write it down and put it places you can see, write it on your mirror so that you can see it every morning.  Get your best friend and make her your accountability person.  Have her ask you every now and then how your doing... and what your latest A1C reading is.  

Hope this helps a little! :)