Hello and... can anyone help?

Hi Everyone,

I guess I should start with - I don't have diabetes.   What I *do* have are many friends with diabetes (all but one is Type I) and friends with young children who have diabetes.  

Not long ago, I started thinking about, "how can I help?"  I donate to all my friends who do the walk, and I often help them specifically when they talk about the worries of having a child with diabetes, or the unique challenges that presents. Doesn't really seem like much in the grand scheme of things!

So, I've decided to take things up a notch!   I'm writing a book to help parents with small kids (2-6 years old) get through that first year.   My goal is to help the parents and kids develop the positive attitudes and healthy habits that'll keep these kids around for a long time. I intend for part of the proceeds to go to the JDRF if I can get it published!   (I think there's a market ;) )

I'd love to hear any tips, tricks, or even humor that you'd be willing to share about having, or being, a kid with diabetes.   Or, if you are willing to chat about your experiences, I'd love to do that too!



Hi,it is good that you are going to write a book-we need more.How many type1 parents and children do you know ? They would be a great help.----The sentence about keeping these kids around a long time-I would never put that in a book,Maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of bed but that bothers me.It gives me a negative feel.We have members who have lived long full lives with diabeties.As a parent of a type1 teen-I would love to read any book on teens.Thanks for caring and trying to make a differencre.

In groups-you could read -Parents of type1. There are many parents with small children there. I watched a video the other night -Nanny 911-It was about a young boy who had type1 and his parents were having a hard time getting him to follow his d needs. It has to be so hard to have a little one with this-I do hope those moms can give you some direction.

Hi meme,

Thanks for that feedback.   Parents of kids with Type I group was the one I joined as soon as I'd signed up.

My area of expertise is making information meaningful and accessible to audiences.   For the last few years, I've been working in the games industry - so I think I have a fresh approach that people will find useful ;)   Hopefully, I'll find a publisher who thinks the same ;)   But a book for teens is on my list of things to do too :)


Hi-Do you means games for type1 ? I have been wanting something like that for years. I have seen a few things moving in that direction.