Hello, ciao, how is your factor of correctness?

Hello i am Biagio from Italy, Milan.

In Italy we use a formula to tehoretically calculate factor of correctnes (that is how much blod sugar level dicreases with 1U of insuline)

1800/ total U of insuline (basal + bolus) by day

Mine is 1800/35 = almost 50

Of course best practise is test it, and i mean when i get a > 180 i do a bolus knowing that 1U will bring me at almost 130.

But , in doing that , i have to keep in my mind i much insuline i have "on board" from previous bolus.

Example if i get 180 after 2h from previous bolus, i use Humalog insuline and i know that i will have into body some residual quantity for other 2 hour so better not to do 1 full U but 0.5 are enough

In my opinion it's very important monitoring blood glucose level at lest before and 2h meals so to be able to correct values not in range.





Hi Biagio,

Unfortunatley, I require a lot more insulin than you!  I am currently correcting at 1 unit for every 25 mg/dl over 125.  I also consider insulin already on board... well, technically, my pump does most of that thinking for me.  :)


Hello Kim, thanks so much for your reply.

Also me I did require more insuline in the past (+40%) but since i started to practise sport with regularity i did decrease basal daily rate and also i need less insuline at meal to burn same grams of carbo.

Indeed sport has very positive effetcs on me !!!

Indeed i know some model of pumps has advanced functions such as "insuline on board".

But i have a very old model Accucheck DTRON-Plus and i have to calculate it on hand.

Do you have MEDTRONIC ?

Do you have some info if OmniPos works fine ?

Thanks again

Sorry for my bad english



Good point about exercising...  I hope to see similar results as I continue to train for my half-marathon next May.  :)  I use the Deltec Cozmo pump, but since the manufacturer has decided to stop making them, and my warranty is up this December, I will be getting a Animas One Touch Ping in the next couple months.  I'm sorry, I don't know anything about the OmniPod, but I know there are several people on here that do use it!

WOW  Kim,  half-marathon ?

Sounds very good to me !!!!

I did partecipate to a marathon last 18th of October,



(i apologize they are not translated into English)

i will partecipate to next half-marathon on 22th of Nov (my third half marathon this year)

Picture of Half-Marathon of last May


"Yes i take diabetes as a chance, i run and i PUMP my RUN"

Let me now create a post on RUN




For the past few weeks I have been trying carb counting along with a new correction which is for every .95 my sugar is over 120 I get 1 unit. The math in this is ridiculous, I guess it will keep me young.