Hello diabetes world

Hey.  My name is Sonja.  I'm fairly new to Juvenation, so I figured posting might be a good way to make friends.


I've been Type 1 since August of 2001.  I was actually diagnosed in the Oakland Colliseum at an A's game on my parent's wedding anniversary.  What a present, huh?


I'm currently on a Minimed Paradigm Revel, but I was on an Animas pump (the dinosaur and a 1250) for 8 years prior.  I've used a Dexcom Seven CGM, but it got too expensive and insurance had a strange reimbursement procedure that made it even more expensive.  I'm currently in the process of getting approval for the Guardian Real-time system. 


I'm in college at a University of California campus and will be moving to Washington DC in August to participate in the UCDC program.  I hope to do an internship with a health-related non-profit while I'm there.  I attending Bearskin Meadow Camp (run by the DYF) in Kings Canyon National Park from 2002 to 2006, and was a counselor there in 2007.  I would love to continue to be a counselor, but unfortunately love can only go so far.  I've got medical bills to pay.


One of my greatest fears is having children.  I'm nowhere near that time in my life, but I'm scared that when it comes it will be difficult to conceive.  I was at a point where I had convinced myself to adopt and not even bother trying.  I talked to a woman that I know who is diabetic and has two kids.  She said it is difficult, but definitely worth doing.


I try to eat a balanced diet, but make sure I leave room to indulge now and then.  Don't we all?


Anyway, enough about me.  I would love to be friends with all of you, so go ahead and add me.  I need each and every one of you to help me stay motivated, and if you're looking for the same thing I'm more than willing to return the favor =D

Welcome to Juvenation!!!! I got dx'ed in aug. also just 7 years later and at 52. LOL Again you have found a good place to be!!!

I live outside of DC. Let me know before you come if you need help finding an endo or anything else (metro questions, whatever)! I'll send you a friend request so you can send me personal messages if you want.


Hi there Sonja! Im new to Juvenation to and am loving it so far! Im also looking for friends to help me stay motivated so hopefully we can help each other out!

nice to see you on the site, welcome to juvenation! this is a great place to come for friends, resources, and support. there are LOTS of diabetic women on here who have had children (some more than 1) without any complications. if you have worries, please talk to them! they might be able to calm some of your fears.

Congrates on getting into the UCDC program! Thats fantastic :) Thats something i hope to do when i get to collage!

Thanks everyone :o)  I can already tell this is the place to be!

Welcome to Juvenation. You have found the right place. Good luck on your travels.