Hello! Diabetic alert dogs

Iam sure u all know what’s it’s like to have a child with type one my daughter is 6 years old and TYPE ONE . In the past three months she has spent a week in the ICU, she had a seizure at school in front of her whole class and friends at story time she has had 500 plus insulin injections and 819 plus blood sugar checks. Her lowest sugar has been 31 and her highest has been 576… With the help of an alert dog we hope to stop and future seizures and hopefully prevent any major sugar spikes or drops (at least maintain them before they get to high) with an alert dog they can tell the when the sugars are off almost an hour before your body can. We are currently fundraising for help with maintaining a Diabetic alert dog http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/mackenzie-diabetes-alert-dog-fund-/163327 We also has a Facebook pages with all her updates and fundraising goals and medical updates it’s https://m.facebook.com/Macalertdog
Any help would be greatly appreciated
If any one has any questions about the alert dogs Mackenzie’s rep Christy said to give them her direct contact number

Thank you
For taking the time to read this <3

Hey Amber. It sounds like you are such a good mom, trying to help your daughter deal with her diabetes.

Does your daughter currently use a continuous glucose monitor (CGM)? The technology has really improved on them in the last year and they are much more accurate. You still have to check blood sugar the old fashioned way, the the CGMs alarm if blood sugar is low and can be a big help.

You also may need to speak to your daughter’s doctor about her target blood sugar and make sure it’s not too low. I was diagnosed at age 4, back in the 1970’s. We didn’t have glucose meters back then so tight control was impossible. But I also didn’t have dangerous lows at school. I think it’s worth it to run a little higher as a safety precaution.

I had constant highs and lows for about 25 years until I finally got an insulin pump. Since then I rarely have lows. I had a completely healthy pregnancy and am healthy and complication-free after 36 years with diabetes.

I am not a parent of a diabetic, however, as a diabetic, and one who’s looked at diabetic alert dogs, I would warn you of breeder’s dishonest attempt to “sell” you a diabetic alert dog, rather than an organization which has been established to “provide” you with a dog to help your child!

I was introduced to and had the most enlightening and informational conversation with the president of a few years back. The biggest obstacle to obtaining a dog through their organization is the location of you and your daughter (I believe that dogs4diabetics are only in/on the west coast (CA, OR, WA)).

I hope this helps, and that one day she gets her dog. I know that one day I’d like to find my way back there and obtain one myself. :slight_smile: