Hello. Diagnosed last July at age 29

Hi everyone. I'm glad I found this forum. I'm 29/Male from Minnesota. I was diagnosed with Type 1 July 10th, 2010 (No family history of the illness). All the usual symptoms were there. After googling my symptoms, I bought a glucose meter at the pharmacy. 377. I'll never forget that first "377" popping up after the countdown on the meter. I was then off to the doctor (my BG there was 425) and now, 4+ months later, here I am.

My "Honeymoon" is pretty much over. It's not all that bad though.  I understand, and even like the idea that I am responsible for the management of this illness.

Happy Thanksgiving. I'll look forward to chatting with you all.

I'd like to add that I'm thankful for the medical science that has allowed me to manage Type 1 at this day in age. As I've read some of the posts/stories on this forum, it is clear that there has been many advances in the past decade, and certainly beyond. So to those of you who have lived with this illness for many years; thank you. If not for you, people like me may not have been so fortunate to have the information and advances as widely available.

Welcome to Juvenation! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Hi Corrie!  Welcome to our community.  I hope you find the information, support, and friendship you're looking for.  We're all here for you when you need us.  The diabetes online community (DOC) is great for that.  :)

Welcome to Juvenation! We are very glad to have you here as part of our online diabetes family :o)

Welcome to Juvenation.

Welcome Corrie !

Welcome Corrie.....Glad you're here! 

Welcome Corrie!  I hope you find all the help and support you're looking for.  I know I have!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Hi Corrie! You seem to be a very level headed guy and i expect you will take very good care of yourself. With good diabetes management you will probably have a long, healthy life like me. I have been type 1 for 65 years and am very healthy. I hope you will be a healthy old geezer like me someday. Lol!


hey! corrie! welcome :)

Hi Corrie, welcome!

Welcome and Happy Thanksgiving to you! This is a GREAT place to be  :)