Hello everyone...I just started on here and think I love it already


My name is Nikki and I am 25 and have had type 1 since I was 6. The past 19 years have been like a rollercoaster. Luckily I married a great man who loves me and wants me healthy and is such an awesome coach. I hope that I can connect with many of you that are in the same boat as me and can relate to the battles we face day to day. We are planning on getting pregnant by the end of this year and so I have lots of questions and concerns regarding that. Well I hope to hear from you all soon.



Hi Nicki -

I'm Laura - I'm 30 and I was diagnosed when I was 7.  I'm very familiar w/ the rollercoaster ride you wrote about.  I've been trying to get my A1C down as well and its frustrating when I don't see results.  My New Years resolution this year was to get my A1C down but it doesn't seem to budge.  I've been w/ my boyfriend for 2 years and recently been talking seriously about getting married. I"m trying to get myself - medically - in good standing before we start a family.  I actually have my first appointment w/ a pregnancy center for diabetics in a few weeks.  It may sound like I'm jumping ahead but I'm 30 and my boyfriend is 36 ...times a ticking ..lol ..

Welcome to the site - you'll meet a lot of great people here :)

I have an appt with my OBGYN in the first week of April to talk to him about getting pregnant. My endo said as long as I get and keep my A1C below a 7 I can have a baby but have to have them before I'm 30. Eeks...that only gives me 4.5 years to have 2. So I hope I get good news from my appt so I have the go and will be ready by sept-dec.

I just found out I have stage 2 diabetic retinopathy so I'm hoping that doesn't get worse during pregnancy as well.

Welcome to Juvenation Nikki.

 I am 32 and have been a T1 for 27 years.

Welcome aboard Nikki :)

Welcome Nikki!  Glad you are here!  I am 36 and have been diabetic for 26 years.  Best of luck with your appointment.  I decided not to have children, but my husband has two beautiful daughters that I consider my very own! 

welcome nikki! good luck with everything! :)

Hi! I just started on here too and its awesome! There arent many ppl that i know where i live and no one really seems to understand. Anyways, I wish you luck with your appt, hope it goes well for you!


Thank you everyone who has responded! It is so comforting to know that I'm not alone in this! Shayla, I hear ya girl! I am so glad I found this place. It's my new facebook type addiction. Lol. But I still have no idea how it works!?