Hello Everyone!

My name is Annaliese Andsager, I am 16 years old and I have had diabetes for over 8 years. Recently one of my friends younger sisters was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. She has been having a difficult time embracing the disease because she is a sophomore in high school. After speaking with her and giving her my own personal advice I suggested that she visit this site to seek other stories, opinions, and suggestions! I hope that she finds these discussions as helpful as I do when I am searching for other people who understand the daily challenge of having diabetes. :))))

Hey girl, my names brooke and I’m 18 and was diagnosed 10yrs ago. Definitely tell her to check out this site because it really does help so much. It gives you a place to vent your frustrations with other people who understand. I’m sure its hard especially being diagnosed in high school. But please let her know if she ever needs to vent or talk to another person who understands I’m here. I’m here for both of you. Please dont ever hesitate to message me for anything. Hope your doing good!