Hello friends

hi every one with my diabet:)) i'm so glad to be here feelin like i m not the only person who is diabetic. I m from turkey and i m seventeen years old. Since 2005 i m in this fight like all u are. I m learning carb counting now and i m having difficulties about my disease.:/ i ll use insulin pump i hope life will get better. Good luck everyone:)if you want to share exprience i m open people dont forget shots!:))

Welcome Esen!  Juvenation is an amazing place with amazing people!  Learning to carb count can be a little confusing, but the more you do it, the more you get used to it!  Using the pump makes life a lot easier!  Unfortunately my body rejected the insulin pump.  What other difficulties are you having?  If you have questions, post them here!  Everyone is very helpful!!  Look forward to chatting with you!  By the way, I am 36 and live in Pennsylvania in the United States!  I am a 6th grade teacher!

First of all thanks for replying me (: Actually i learnt that i guess but my bosy is confusedd not my mind cause i can t find my insulin sensitivity it changes all the time my doctor said to me also u are really hard patient and i agree with him cause it s sometimes really hard despite i didn t do wrong anything.. Nevermind:) how rejection is it? Like allergie or not having transform insulin? I m a little scared about pump but i will get it :)) yes everyone fine cause we can understand each other easily.:)

Welcome to Juvenation Esen :)

Welcome Esen !

Welcome to Juvenation! We are very glad to have you here :o)

Hello Esen, welcome to our community! An insulin pump is a great idea if you are willing to learn how to use it well, and work very hard to get good control. Which pump are you going to get, do you know yet?

I have been type 1 for 65 years and am very healthy. I hope you will have a good trainer for your pump. You can ask questions here if you need to. There are many experienced pumpers here.


I too wonder why your sensitivity is changing so frequently?  Hopefully your doctor can figure that out.  When I inserted the infusion set....the part that has the tube that delivers the insulin into your body, I developed really hard bumps and the insulin had no where to go.  I tried many different infusion sets, but none worked for me:(  The site would get really sore.  It was painful and it made my blood sugar go up way too high.  So, I had to stop.  Now I take multiple injections daily.  I have always struggled with blood sugars....I have been up and down pretty much all my life.  I have had diabetes for 25 years. 

Thanks everybody,i'm greatful!  In turkey we use Medtronic Paradigm i guess. Thanks Angela,i understood i hope there isn't any problem like yours. Cause i'm having some problems you know i think sometimes my injections are not delivering normally,or my body reacts that i don ' t know we'll figure it out. Best wishes.

Esen, welcome! I use the Paradigm pump as well.  To a certain extent, it's always a guessing game.  But I'm glad you joined us!  Hope you find it helpful!

Thank you :)