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For the first 18 month's of my baby daughter's life, I always chassed her around, giving her hugs and kisses and the next day, I was chasing her around, sticking her with Needles, every day, no day's off! I can only imagine what she might have been thinking. "WHAT DID I DO WRONG?, IM SORRY!!!, I'LL BE GOOD!!!, I PROMISE!!!" She is now 10 and it has never gotten any easier. Nothing; but a cure will do! Please keep these children in mind? Thank you! HAPPY EASTER to all, Sincerely.

our daughter was 9 when diagnosed.  I assure you the guilt, although a different kind, was there.  She's a Type I, been on an insulin pump for almost 3 years now and does very well.  Is your daughter on a pump or have you considered one?  One site change every 2-3 days versus 4 shots a day is a good thing (for us anyway). 

Hi Pammy

I'm not sure if you can see my profile, as I explain my daughter and our family's Journey. My daughter went on the pump at age 3, very helpful; but its still painful and stressful to replace the Site. We recently changed over to the Mio infusion set about 6 months ago, a one piece insert unit and we went from a 65% to 70% success rate, at having the insert tip place properly under the skin, to a 99% success rate with the Mio. When you get a miss/bent tip at the site, it is devastating,  she spikes to 500 and we would have to go through the site change process all over again, sometimes 3 times in a row. This was happening a lot over the years. She was diagnosed at 18 months old and she is 10 years old now.

She never really got over the fear of that pain, though she is much braver about it now. Less than 2 years before she was diagnosed, we lost my sister in law, from complications, do to Diabetes 1, She got diagnosed at age 8 and passed away at 34, from heart failure and kidney failure and she also lost her eye sight. That made it all so much more frightening, as we new what we might be facing. I will add, which is very important, she did not take her Diabetes 1 seriously enough, she did her best; but I would rate her effort to care for her Diabetes 1, at a 5 on a 1 to 10 scale. Which I believe caused her complications to advance to early in her life.

I am hoping for a major breakthrough in Stem Cell research, we will take any advancements. Its very tough for everyone, we all have the disease, as far as I am concerned, it effects everyone, not just our child, it is surely a complete life changer for the whole family; but we believe she will be fine and someday we will see a cure. Thank you for reaching out Pammy, much appreciated, Emily is doing cartwheels across our living room floor at this moment, she is a Bull in a China shop, we are doing, as good as could be hoped for and I treat her the same way as I treated her older brother who is 13. She still gets yelled at and punished, when it is called for, no special treatment and I believe this has been a very good practice, to keep her feeling as normal as possible. I have her check her blood sugar a lot! hahaha.  It can be very telling, when it comes to her behavior and we are vigilant as to having her correct her blood sugar, we never say " we can check her later!" Keep up the good fight, always.