Hello there i'm new

Hey everyone i'm Jared, and i am 19 years old. And was Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in June of last year. I've been growing a beard for around 6? months and currently have 1 tattoo and many more to come.

Unfortunately i don't use a pump and will probably never use one. Endo said i was doing fine and was told to keep doing what i was doing and no pump in the seeable future. My recent AC1 was 5. And am currently in great health. 

I've been writing blogs lately about my life up to this point, my thoughts and my views on life. 

(link to blog)  http://beardeddiabetic.blogspot.com/

This whole ride was a roller coaster, but i've survived. And I have to admit i love being Diabetic. (don't get me wrong sometimes i think man it would be fun to not be, but hey it's a life style and it's something i've needed in my life.)

My goal in life is to become a motivational speaker. To some-what help those who are down. Because it was terrible to be down like i was and i think no one should ever have to be at that low in their life. And i thought this could be a way to get some helpful information and maybe a launching point for people to kinda hear me out. (in my blogs)

Anyways thanks for reading.



Welcome aboard, I love the enthusiasm!



welcome to juvenation, jared! i loved reading your story :o) thanks so much for sharing with us. i'm going to add you to my blog roll! (http://cslifewithd.blogspot.com)

Hello! Welcome to the site Jared!

Welcome welcome welcome!! I'm sure you will come to find this site very helpful. :) We can always use more positive diabetics and you certainly seem like one!

welcome jared! happy to have you here!

Thanks everyone, and all i can do no is try to stay positive. What's the point of going back to the way i was back then? Getting Diagnosed was the best thing to happen in my life. It was the change i needed. If i would have never been diagnosed i probably wouldn't have been where i am today. 

I will live my 2nd chance at life to the fullest. And hopefully more fun and amazing memories to come.



Now that is the way to jack a thread,  Your being positive is very contagious, I was certainly down in the dumps when all this began but I am already feeling much better and have been on my bikes 3 days already this week and loving it again.

Thanks Jared


Please disregard the first sentance of my last post I thought that I was still on another thread, somehow I clicked next and jumped into your thread, (I am glad I did) I am just not sure how I got here:)

Ahah, it's all good! All we can do in life is hope for the best and try to live a good life. Enjoy your life, and thanks for the positive feedback Parrformance.



glad to have you here :)

An a1c of 5 is awesome :) Great job!  

I think being a motivational speaker is a great idea, you definitely have lots of personal milestones that you can use to tell your tale.  :)


Yeah i had to find out my Ac1 from my actual doctor then my Endo.. All my endo said was, " Your AC1 is below what most diabetics i've seen have gotten..". THEN he was like alright we are done bye. 


But it has definitely been a goal of mine to actually become a motivational speaker. The only issue is trying to reach out to people. Where i live at the moment most people could care less what you have to say. Which stinks, but soon i will be in a new town and hopefully my dream will become a reality.


And yet again i shall say, Thanks for all the positive and welcoming embrace you all have given me. It's a definite change from what i am used to. Truly thank you.