I'm A Type 1 for 43 years and have been using a pump for 3.  Carole

welcome, carole! i hope you enjoy juvenation as much as i do :o) i've gotten to know some really amazing people here! glad to see you've joined the site :o)


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Welcome, Carole! 

We'd love to hear more about yourself if you want to share. (: What pump are you on? Why's you make the switch?

Thanks to those who replied.  Sorry for the delay.  I'm learning the navigation here.

 I have a  Paradigm 522.  I was using NPH and Reg. in multi injections and in good control 4 years ago.  My Dr. died.   The new Dr. was insistant on me going to Lantus, and since there were few endrocrinologists in the area, I finally gave in.  Lantus didn't work  for me.  It lasted about 12-14 hours, so I needed 2 injections daily, plus the Reg., and Lantus did have a peak.   Worst was my control was bad.  Around that time I moved and told my new Dr. I wanted to try the pump.  It works well for me.  That's why the switch.

But, the Dr. moved  about a year after that.and now there are no endrocrinolgists in my area.  My family Dr. is good at listening so I get by with him.