I am a mom of a type 1. My daughter was dx's at age 2 in 2006 and is 7 now. She is on mm 522 and cgms. We as a family have become closer and stronger. We are in So cal. I started making insulin pump pouches when she started pumping.  I have posted a few times here but not alot. Getting to figure out how to navigate around. I also have 2 boys non-d 10 and 14. We do the JDRF walk ever year and last year we started going to family camp. This year Alyssa wants us all to go not just her and I. I am holding araffle to give away one of 3 prizes for pouches. 1st place i will send the person 12 pouches for this year 1 per month execept Feb I will ship 2. 2nd place will get 3 and 3rd will get 1 pouch. If interested please email me at cinders076@yahoo.com I am on facebook too. my website to look at the pouches and material options are www.mypumpstuff.com and you can find mypumpstuff on facebook. You can friends me. I love being conected to so many you just get it!

Also i would like feedback on have you experieced not feeling lows? Alyssa doesnt feel the low till 40's. This is why I got the CGMS.

Have a good day everyone!! Its a very icky windy day here in so cali!

take care


Hi Cindy,

Welcome to juvenation. Please check out the groups - esp. the Parents of Children with Type 1.

My son is 5 and he rarely feels lows. He has been in the 40s and looks no different and always says he feels fine. We just test a lot (8-10 per day). We fortunately are currently in a really good period with his pump and so his numbers are mostly in range with very few hypos. (I won't knock on wood, he's coming down with a cold and his numbers are going crazy high today, but I expect that will just be temporary.) Our endo feels we need to avoid lows as much as possible because it is hard for kids dx'd young to feel them. The fewer he has, the better chance he has to feel like something is different - or that is her theory anyway.