Hey guys. My name's Josh. I joined Juvenation in order to be better informed about diabetes since my girlfriend has Type 1. Anybody have recommendations on where to start?

Aww..I give you major credit for joining to learn more about Type 1 for the sake of your girlfriend!! Pretty much all the groups are helpful; I would suggest looking at whichever ones would apply to her in real life.. (college student, adult, healthcare worker, ect).

Goodluck!! If you ever have any questions specific, ask! Everyone on here will be glad to help you out!!

Cool. Thanks!

You're the best boyfriend ever.  I hope you remember that no matter how far apart we are :)


PS: don't say anything stupid (you can ask anything, just don't be dumb).  we don't do ignorance well. :)

Awww, you guys are too cute!  :)

Josh, major props to you for getting so involved!  I'm sure that my husband (who's name is also Josh) would be happy to talk to you.  He's not on Juvenation yet, but I'm working on it!  It took a while for him to understand everything when we started dating, but he's always been supportive.  And I would say that's the key thing- be supportive.  And you're doing that, so way to go!

Definitely let us know if you have questions!

Welcome to Juvenation. You will find a ton of helpful information on here. The are people of different ages, backgrounds and personalities with Type 1 diabetes here at Juvenation.

I would recommend starting with the educating others section here on Juvenation http://juvenation.org/groups/educating_others/default2.aspx

Good Luck with your search !

Awesome. Thanks guys. Thanks for the link Orange. I'll get started.

I'll try to keep the stupidity to a minimum for all of your sakes as well...

You're Welcome : )

Sunday (Nov. 14) is World Diabetes Day, wear blue to show your support for Sonja !!! You might score some brownie points, LOL.

Aw!! I've been trying to get my husband to join, but no luck!

Haha. I was definitely planning on it ;)

Josh, you and Sonja make a very nice couple. Couples that post together, stick together.

My wife will not use a computer. She will never make online friends that way. Poor thing! Lol

i am so touch with you two. you make her really happy for being so concern

[quote user="Sarah"]

Aw!! I've been trying to get my husband to join, but no luck!


Same here Sarah.  Pbbltt to that.  :-(

Josh, you are a remarkable guy to support and learn all you can about our condition for Sonja.  And I agree, support, support, support and understand...with those, you'll go far.  HAHA


Aww Josh u are a great boyfriend to Sonja. I only hope that my boyfriend will be great like u are Josh.

Rub her feet as much as possible. (Ok, this really has nothing to do with Type 1 diabetes, but it sure feels good!)

You're a good guy Josh. 

When I first met my husband I knew he was a keeper because between our first and second dates he read several books on diabetes so he could understand more about it.   

One book that might give you a good overview of diabetes is "Think Like a Pancreas."  A lot of libraries have it.

Hi Josh,

I'd start here:


and when you're done reading that, browse the rest of the website.  It's really informative on type 1 diabetes, what life is like with diabetes, and what's going on with new research and discoveries.  Good luck to you and your girlfriend!



Thank you for the resources. I appreciate it :)


Edit: Jenna, do you know who the author of the book is? I just did a search in my library catalog and found two books, one by Scheiner and the other by Cohen.