Hello :)

Im Parris.

I just signed up.

I do not have diabetes but im here to support all of you and tell my story.

I just wanted to put that out there.

You can reply to this,add me,all that silly stuff :)

I hope I can inspire you all and such :)

<---- Is ready to be inspired.

Hi Parris.  Welcome!  :-)

Hi Parris,

What is your story?? inquiring minds want to know?

Indeed Parris... inquiring minds want to know!.... Do you have any relation to diabetes in any way?  How did you come upon this site? 

Well in the summer,I was worrying about the future and everything,what I wanted to be when I grow up and how well im going to acheive the things I want to do.

One day  cam across a diabetes website and got very inspired because my best friend (Stephanie) had diabetes and I know how tough things were for her at times and I wanted to see a cure in the future.

So I started going crazy. I put banners everywhere bought a necklace and donated,a bunch of stuff.

Not very people were behind me on it,but I kept going.

After a while it started dying away but I knew it would come back eventually.

I went on with life,and focused on school and other important things.

But I got a wake up call.

On October 5th,I found out that Stephanie passed away in her sleep because of low blood sugar.

It hurt,because im in California and she was in Florida.

Our friendship was kind of rocky,and I missed her funeral because a rushed single plane ticket was 800 $.

Even though we were going through tough things I still consider her my best friend.

It's hard sometimes,it comes in waves but im glad I started getting into supporting early,I tell myself it was to get me prepared.

So thats why I am here.

To see a cure in my future for Stephanie.

I have pictures of the funeral,a card from her family,and a few of her things.

I visited her mom in December & went through her room.

Even though I didn't get to say goodbye and this may sound like a sob story,

I don't want anybody to think im here for sympathy or pitying.

Im here to hear other people's stories and find amazing people to talk to and support.

Oh, I'm soo Sorry.

I'm sure you'll be an insipration to everyone!


sorry to hear about your friend. I am glad you are trying to do something in her name.


If you're looking for "amazing people", I think all you have to do is look at yourself in a mirror!  You truly are a jewel!  A real model of courage and perseverance, an inspiration for all!


Thanks so much.

That means a lot. :)

Wow Paris I am sorry to hear that. That is one of my biggest fears with my son.  He was just diagnoised about a month ago and there is so much for our family to learn.

Thanks for taking the step to help others.


It is good to have you join us.  Losing a friend, under any circumstances, is tragic and difficult.  It looks as though you have found a number of ways of coping and moving forward that are very impressive.  I suspect you may get a lot out of spending some time helping out a local JDRF office, too. 

I think I speak for at least most of the folks here when I say we'll be here as much as the internet allows and sometimes it is good just to have a real live person around with whom to share.

Thank you for being here and I think you are doing a magnificent job honoring your friend in some very important ways.

Warmest regards,


Thank you all for your replies and words of encouragment.

They mean a lot.

It's nice to know you agree with what im doing and are thankful for it.

Parris, we welcome you with open arms. Thank you for adopting Stephanie's fight. Thank you for sharing your very personal story.

You reminds us all how diabetes can have such a massive impact on the lives of friends --- and how their love can endure and touch others who are left behind.