Hey everyone. I'm Shell, and August 28th will mark 9 years since I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I'm really looking forward to having other people with type 1 diabetes to talk to.  

Hey Im new and looking for the same thing! Nice to met you Shell. My name is Katie and I got diabetes on July 14, 2002. Im on a Omnipod pump and CGMS also awaiting a diabetic alert dog!

welcome! :)

Wow, small world this Aug. I will have been dx'ed 3 years. A little different than you though, I was 52 LOL I took a peek at your profile and have to tell you I also love cats. My love now is Mittens, she's a 6 toed cat. Her paws are SO CUTE!!! I think I have pictures posted from when she was a kitten if you would like to see. Welcome to Juvenation and good people here from Club !