Hi, I've had diabetes since I was about 10 and am now 24, however, I have never really known anyone with it.  There have been lots of struggles along the way and going through it alone is never fun.  It's one of those things that unless you've been there you just can't get the full impact of it.  Lately for me I've been struggling a lot with the financial aspect of it.  I can't seem to find any help, I work three jobs, have health insurance and still am barely making it financially.  The majority of my peers don't understand the huge cost.

Anyhow Hi to everyone and I look forward to getting to know some of you.



Hi Charity, welcome to our lovely and beyond helpful community :) Feel free to ask any questions or if you want to just vent a little :) I totally understand your financial struggles, I'm a college student and even with my parents insurance and job, I barely afford to pay for everything :/

Welcome!!! glad to meet you!