Hello :)

So, this is the type 1 hang out? I'm thinking I'll soon be a regular here. My son Scotty is 4 and is going to be diagnosed soon. Sounds weird, I know. Here's the run down:

July 2010- Talking to my finace's sister about how much Scotty drinks, eats, and pees. She asked if he's ever been checked for diabetes. After telling her no, she gets her son's spare glucometer and checks his blood. He's at 68. Mind you, he's bouncing all over the place. She sends me home with the glucometer and her endocrinologists number. A week later I check him and he's 378. I call the doc, she tells me to bring him to the ER. I get there and they check him and he's 58 and bouncing around like a lil spaz. We get a DX of hypoglycemia and a Rx of glucogon, test strips and a meter as well as full instructions on how to treat low glucose levels.

November 2010- We get to spend a week in PICU to put him on a 72 hour fast so we can get a full metabolic panel when he drops low. His endo is unsure of why his glucose levels are bouncing the way they are and wants to rule out any other major problems. The lil twerp never gets lower then 79 the entire time.

January 2011- Happy 4th Birthday kiddo, they are putting a continuous glucose monitor on you for a week! The results show that he doesn't run extremely low, removing fears of him falling into a coma at night. It does show that he stays a slight bit higher then he should be. His lab work is still showing nothing.

April 2011- Lab results show A1c levels at 5.8% and decreased insulin levels. Still not enough to convince the endo that it's type 1. Off to the Genetics and Metabolics specialist we go to rule out anything the doc could have missed.

May 18, 2011- Endocrinologist shows results from Genetics and Metabolics specialists...Type 1 Diabetes. She still wants to wait until his A1c levels hit 6.0%

May 28, 2011- Scotty starts staying between 140-165 pretty consistantly. Hits 235 and stays there for about an hour. After calling his endo, she tells me to closely monitor his glucose levels, if he goes above 200 again and stays there, he's being admitted and we're trying him on insulin.

Today he has been pretty decent. But then again I also had him swimming and running around for most of the day. He hit 200 once but 10 minutes later he was down to 97.

I know the DX is only a matter of time...I know a lot about the disease...It's like I said to my fiance, "I can embrace it intellectually, emotionally...I wanna scream, kick, and yell." I knew it was coming, I saw it from an early age, every sign was there. I was hoping I could stop it...Now...now it's becoming a reality and I wanna curl up in a corner and cry at the same time scream at everyone and ask WHY??? Why my baby??

Heck of an introduction, don't ya think? *sigh* I guess this is the right spot to come though. Maybe I can meet others who are going thru/gone thru something similar....heck, just someone to talk to would be fine at this point...though I'm not sure I can make much sense. Is it normal to go thru each emotion humanly possible in like...5 minutes? LOL

Anywho, the name is Lissa. I'm 30 and a full time student majoring in psychology. I am new to South Florida and have 3 kids, my youngest is the one about to be diagnosed with type 1. Feel free to say hi, I'd love some new friends.


Hi Lissa. Welcome to the wonderful sight of Diabetes :) any struggle or questions you may have, someone on this site will be able to help you with answers or relate to you. so, welcome, i hope you find some answers for your son soon, and it's a great thing that you guys caught on early to all of it :)



I've been living with T1D for over 28 years.  I may not have made all of the mistakes one can make with this illness - but I've probably made most of them - and even with that - made it to being married with a couple of children of my own (both D free for the moment) -

It is totally normal to exercise the full spectrum of emotions with this disease.  You are being an awesome protector and advocate for your boy.

Hang in there and keep reaching out.  You sound like a really amazing mom and I look forward to hearing more from you as you continue on your journey.