Okay I guess I should stop lurking and finally say something. My name is Jen and I joined because my youngest daughter is diabetic. She was diagnosed in March of last year. She wears a medtronic minimed pump and has for about the last year. Chasey is a very outgoing and loving child. Although she has diabetes, it doesn't rule her, but I think that's more a case of Chasey not taking crap from anyone or anything.

We have a great medical team and Chasey just adores her 'diabetes doctor', as she calls her. We have had an up and down year, but it's alright because we made it through.

I am just looking to connect with other people that understand what I am dealing with and who can maybe help me understand what Chasey might be going through or what she might face in the future. Mostly I want some friends that won't judge and just get it.


Hi Jen,

My youngest daughter was diagnosed just about 6 months ago. She started on the pump (Animas Ping) last week. Chasey sounds a lot like my Sarah. She's a force of positive energy and sweet as can be. She's great about dealing with her diabetes, and seems to keep in pretty far in the back of her mind most of the time, so it definitely doesn't rule her.

I completely know what you mean about having friends who "get it". At least a part of my brain is always thinking about Sarah's diabetes, and when I bring it up with friends I often see eyes just gloss over. There is just no way most people can relate to what we're dealing with. And it's frustrating. I find juvenation to be an excellent outlet for venting, asking questions, and just being with people who aren't clueless about diabetes.

How old is Chasey, and what area of the country do you live in? We're in Northern CA, and Sarah is 10 (11 in two weeks).

Chasey just turned 6 this summer, she was 4 when we found out. For the most part she takes control already and we support her, follow her lead when it's alright to do so. She operates the pump herself and she knows what foods have carbs and which ones don't, well as well as 6 year old can. Like she knows when she has vegetables she doesn't need to bolus. We are proud of her knowledge and determination.

We have a good support system. My friend is amazing, she doesn't fully get diabetes but she listens and hugs me when I cry. And she offers to kick people's butts when they are insensative or clueless and sometimes that's better then anything else. hehe.

My husband is active in Chasey's care too and does as much as he can when he's home. Her grandpa is amazing and takes great care of her.

The biggest issue we face is dealing with the school because she is still young and needs support there.

We live in British Columbia, Canada. We vacationed in California this summer and it was beautiful. We will be back to visit one day.

Sounds like she's doing amazingly well for such a young one!

I do have a pretty good support system as well. My husband is still learning but is very helpful, and my older daughter (19) has learned all about diabetes care, and is my primary go to person when Sarah needs something while I'm at work (she goes to college but takes mostly afternoon classes).

We haven't had too much problems with people being insensitive. My biggest problem is convinving people to be vigilant when I'm not around. Sarah just looks/acts so darn healthy, that I don't think people realize how sick she could get if something happens with her blood sugar.

The school has been very helpful. I recently sat down with the Principal and school nurse and wrote up a plan for Sarah's care to ensure they know what they need to do to keep her healthy there. As she has the pump now, I usually send her to school with a prepared lunch, and tack a sticky note on the inside with her carb counts. She keeps a plastic shoebox of supplies including glucagon, apple juice cans, snacks, and spare batteries. Since she's been on the pump (a whole week now) she's become much more independent because when she was on shots the school wouldn't let her take her insulin unless someone was watching her every move. Now she does it all herself and she's so happy to be more independent.

California is beautiful, we love it. I've always wanted to visit Canada, maybe sometime in the next few years we'll get there. Right now my family is pretty stuck on visiting Disneyland nearly every vacation.

Hi Jen,

You found a great spot to make friends and get great advice. I have had T1 for 30 years and I also have a daughter, Courtney, that will be 6 in a month that also has it. We both have the MM pump as well. Courtney sounds alot like Chasey, she doesn't let anything stop her. She has checked her own blood sugar since she was diagnosed 2 years ago and she even insists upon changing her own pump sites, with my supervision of course.  I love hearing about kids that don't let diabetes control them, because growing up i did for many years. I think that was more my parents than me, but whatever. i allow Courtney to make decisions herself and if I don't agree with them I explain to her why. It works well for us. She started kindergarten a few weeks ago and is going well at school. She is the only one there to have ever had a pump so it was new to the staff and nurse. But so far so good.

Sorry you had to join this club, but welcome to the site anyways. I find lots of relief here from people who "just get it" and won't ever judge. Never hesitate ro reach out, there are many others dealing with the same issues as you on here so you are never alone.

Welcome to Juvenation :o) While I'm not a parent of a type 1, I was diagnosed at 5. If you have questions let us know or if you want to share your own experiences, we'd love to hear them. We all learn from each other :o) We have plenty of "lurkers" here. We don't mind at all :D