Hey everyone,

There weren't any discussions in this group, so I figured I'd start one.  Is everyone here vegan?  Personally, I'm a vegetarian, but I try to eat vegan food as much as I can.  How does everyone deal with having type 1 and maintaining a vegan diet?  I know for me, it can be tough to keep my carb grams low.


Hi Molly! I am a vegan and I find it relatively easy... My blood sugars are actually a TON better since i became vegan! I do my best not to eat any dairy but sometimes I have to when I eat out and accidentally order something with cheese so I try to focus on being vegetarian and doing my best to not eat dairy =)


Diet and exercise have always been really linked for me. So I went completely Vegan a year ago and followed it religiously for 6 weeks. I was also rowing and training 6+ hours a day 6 days a week. I found that I became really tired and started not to feel great. So I added fish here and there to give me that extra little kick. It worked great and my team and I finished 5th at the Canadian championships. Then I went to Ecuador to volunteer and explore, and I found that it was really hard not to be able to eat salads (because of the water) and many types of fruits. They also served me steak and couldn't grasp the concept of not eating dairy or meat, and I would rather eat it than insult them. So when I came back, I thought differently about veganism. I cook Vegan for myself, and I don't buy meet or dairy, but when I am invited to someone's house, I like to respect the way they eat and will eat whatever I am served (in smaller quantities however). I also find that sometime, if you have the choice between a vegan food that has lots of refined sugars in it and non vegan food that is more wholesome, I'll go for the wholesome. Overall, for me, being Vegan is a matter of health, but when it imposes itself on others around me, I am flexible. SOme may call this method a little hypocritical but I also think that a balanced lifestyle includes giving yourself some leeway to have a piece of cake at a friend's Bday once in a while.

Where do you think the line is between self-respect and respect of other in food choices? Any experiences with that before?



I'm not vegan, just don't eat meat. I cut back on dairy and do enjoy eating vegan sometimes but am taking baby steps so am just not eating meat or fish right now. I am 100% meat free, no chicken broth, no gravy. I really don't mind giving those foods up. The hardest thing right now is making sure I get good substitutes for the meat. I've never been a big salad eater so I prefer tofus and veggie burgers and hearty stuff like that as substitutions. I'm learning how to cook veg and luckily have veg/vegan friends. Well, only one vegan friend. True vegans are rare. But fantastic! :) I'm so lucky to have her or I wouldn't have known what to eat instead of meat. I absolutely LOVE meatless jerky (the hickory smoked and thai peanut flavours especially). I know how to read food labels to make sure they are truely veg or even vegan. I'm really enjoying giving up meat and can't imagine going back. I tried once before and failed because I was not properly motivated to give up meat. Now the thought of an animal dying makes me want to cry every time so I can't eat any kind of meat. Yay!

Good to hear there are some ethically concerned diabetics here :)

I was diagnosed a few days ago. I don't think veganism makes much of a difference. I eat a bit more carbs than non-vegans, but insulin takes care of that. I don't worry about keeping my carbs low as much as balancing my carb:unit ratio

I've been vegan for two years. I suppose you could say that I follow it religiously, but the definition of veganism is that it is followed religiously. Vegans don't sometimes eat animal products.

You guys make some interesting comments on respecting other people's food choices. I never eat animal products even if they are served to me. I think it's a two way respect. I don't tell others how to eat, and they don't expect me to eat what they want me to eat.

This forum looks really quiet, but if any of you want advice about veganism, I can help. As I've only had diabetes for a few days, I don't know much about that, but I know a good deal about general nutrition :)

Are all of you American?