Help! Broken Belt Clip

I have/had a belt clip for my minimed.  Tonight when I was getting in my car, my pump got caught on something and the clip broke.  I've never used my pump without its clip!  I don't want to just carry it around all the time... Any suggestions on what to do with it until I can get a new clip ordered/delivered?

Possibly put it in your pocket. :)

That's really all I can think of!


Hope that helps a little bit!


Yes, that would be the logical thing to do.  If only it were that simple...

I have my infusion set on my right side and my CGM on the left.  My pump has to stay on my left side to communicate with the CGM and I don't have quite enough slack in my tube to let it sink all the way to the bottom of my pocket.  Pocket solution will work in a day and a half when I have to move my CGM to a new location!

Hmm..I'm out of ideas!!

I'm so sorry! ://.

have you tried using a cell phone carrier? i heard that from a guy on youtube 1happydiabetic. get one with a clip on it. 

That just happened to me a couple days ago, I went to sit down and the clip just broke in half and I felt my pump swaying. I wore really comfortable pants and put the pump in my pocket. The pants helped because I felt very strange not having my pump attached to my belt. It was a long 3 days haha.

I have found that you can tuck the pump into the waistband of your underwear.  That is the best place.

I have had the Minimed clip break many times on me.  What I found is that the clip with the 'lock and unlock' sign on it works best.  Also, if the 'swing' mechanism on the clip starts to swing freely back and forth, I have found that if you superglue it in place it works.  You will not be able to swing it anymore, but it beats having to buy a new one for $20.00!!