HELP! Cozmo pump discontinued. What pump now?

hey everyone.

so im on the Deltec Cozmo insulin pump, and apparently its been discontinued, so now my mom wants me to get a new pump. My options are either the Animas 2020, or the Minimed Paradigm. It would really help alot if i could hear pros and cons about both pumps before i make my decission. Thanx

I have been on the Minimed pump for 4 years now and the only problem I had with it is it had a malfunction and had to be sent in and they had one on my doorstep by 10 a.m. the next morning. Customer service has always been very helpful and always been there when I needed them. I am currently awaiting my new pump to get here on wednesday so I will be on the CGMS here very soon.



what is good about minimed is that you can add a cgm to it.

whats good about animas is that it can give really small doses. before going on my pump, i used about 40 units of insulin a day and now its gone down to about 25 and im still having a couple lows.

im using minimed and i love it

Minimed all the way :]

I've used both the minimed paradigm and an animas (1200). I found animas was more reliable, I had no bugs at all with that pump. However, although I've had a few bugs with my paradigm pump it's features far outweigh the animas. CGM's, multiple basal patterns, contour link test strips are all great. I would go with the minimed. 

I have a mini med pump and I love it There website also has ways where u can upload all your data and store online instead of on your computer so where ever you are u have access even your doctor can Also I like that more people use it I found a friend at work that does my aunt also does she has benn using mini med for decades now so it is a lot easier to get advise about it I have yet to find someone that uses anything diffrent and they offer class's at no charge and u can go when its good for you plus the freebie stuff is a plus Also mini med makes a pump where u have cont. glucose monitoring and they have a upgrade program

Hey there,

I have the Animas 2020 and it is fantastic!!! I offers so much which you can find on their site but the draw back is that MiniMed has the cgm with their pump and animas is still working on merging one with dexcom. That aside, every endocrinologist I have ever had is head over heels for animas. Let me know if there is a specific question you have and I will answer back. Good luck.

I'm having the same problem!
If your warranty has a few years left you have more time to decide!
But,  I'm going to get the OmniPod, I mean it's Tubeless and it's programing is like the Deltec's!

I may do the same thing.  I still have time left on my Cozmo warranty, but this might be a great opportunity to try something like the Omnipod out while there's a good discount.

[quote user="Andrew"]

I'm having the same problem!
If your warranty has a few years left you have more time to decide!
But,  I'm going to get the OmniPod, I mean it's Tubeless and it's programing is like the Deltec's!



my warranty only has like 4 months left actually, but my mom doesnt want to wait cuz what if it breaks or something, before i would have a new pump at my door in 2 hours, but now if it breaks im kinda screwed. And im already having problems with it, it doesnt recognize that the cartrdige is in it when i change it, so we dont want to take any chances. And i wanted to go on the Omnipod, that was my first choice, but i live in Canada, and its not available here yet so my only two options are Animas, and Medtronic. Personally i kinda like the Animas better,  but the only thing that is stopping me aand making me so undecided is that it has the CGMS and that everybody is saying that it is really good. So everybody, thank you so much, and keep the Pros and Cons coming. Im still undecided!!!

You should try both pumps and get the sales rep to walk through all the features with you and your mom. And you are already doing your homework on the features for each pump, so you will be well prepared to test drive the pumps. The integrated CGMS is one difference that was identified in this blog, but you will have to decide how much you will use the CGMS since it is not covered by most insurance plans and will cost about $50 per sensor for  3-5 days. Plus the receiver has to be replaced about once a year at $700. Many people only use the CGMS periodically when they want additional information to help determine how to better manage their BG's when things are out of wack. Have fun shopping and play with each of the pumps. Good luck!

Wow!  I didn't realize the costs involved with the CGMS!  Thanks for the eye-opener, David!

yeah, Go with Animas then.  We considered that before we  picked Cozmo.

Besides Medtronic has specific Medtronic stuff for their Medtronic pumps,

so no mixing brandsproducts!

P.S sorry for not replying, I forgot my password

I wear a Medtronic pump and love it! They seem to be one step ahead of other pumps on the market and continue to have a great reputation. I hear they will have a no tubing pump next year and other things too. I am a pump trainer for them as well.



Not sure if it's the same for medical devices, but with computer hardware/software when something gets discontinued, the compnay is required by law to support and sell supplies and parts for like 7 years.  I'd think medical devices have a similar law.  I'd check into that and if you like the Cozmo, stick with it for a while.  Then in a couple of years when you buy a new pump, they'll be more advanced like Becky says.

Smiths Medical will honor all pumps until their warranties are up.  I know they said supplies would be available for awhile but I can't see them continuing to manufacture them past another 4 years or so.  They were selling new pumps for the first few months of 2009 which means those will all be out of warranty in early 2013.  They do not have to offer support once the warranty is up but I'm not sure about supplies.  Sets aren't a problem since you can use any luer lock set but I assume the cartridge/reservoir is proprietary.





I would probably say minimed. I haven't had the Animas one, or even heard of it for that matter.

The minimed paradigm is a very good pump in my opinion. It rarely malfunctions and is pretty easy to use too.

I'm having the same issue. I really like the Cozmo :(

I've been researching the animas and the minimed and am going to go on the minimed only because I've heard that the animas gives really quick boluses that can hurt and I tend to be sensitive to Cozmo boluses if they are large.

Also, the minimed has the cgm which I'm also looking into because a lot of people say its amazing. And, the way I see it, more people seem to have the minimed than the animas so they must be doing something right.

hey everybody, sorry i havent been online for a while, so i didnt see the new messages until now!!

And yeah DDrumminMan, both you and Liz are correct. Smiths is going to keep covering everything until my warranty is up, which is in november.

And good news everybody!!! i have chosen which pump im going to get!! Since i live in Canada, this wasnt an option before when i first made the post, but now it is. Im getting the "Animas OneTouch Ping" So now i just need to wait for the Ontario ADP Program to approve it, which, according to my diabetic clinic, should be in October.

So thanks for all the tips everybody!!