HELP! Don't want to go to the supermarket, but my house is on empty

Please excuse me, but I feel the need to open a really wide open (and perhaps somewhat rediculous) discussion.

Here's my problem in a nutshell: 

Part 1: There's nothing in my house to eat, not even for a low blood sugar.  There's no orange juice, there's no milk, there's no cereal, there's no bread, there's no salad, there's no frozen food... there's absolutely noting for lunch (and I'm getting hungry) and there's nothing for dinner.

Part 2: I've begun to really dislike food shopping.  I'm bored of most foods.  Everything I pick up, I put back on the shelves.  I read all the nutritional info labels and say "I don't want to waste all these carbs on this stuff." or "This has too many calories from fat." or "I don't feel like preparing this."  (I'm a guy, you know.).  or "I'm not going to pay $3.99 for THIS."  Literally, I have come up with a reason not to buy anything. Perhaps I'm going through some kind of phase.

Anyone else have this problem?

Here's my wide open, rediculous question?

What the heck should I buy today?  I'm looking for suggestions.  As diabetics, what are your favorite foods, and why?  (Please don't answer Burger King or Kentucky Fired Chicken.)  What foods do you feel offer the best "bang for the buck" with respect to carbs (nutrition), price and taste?



Being a college student, I can relate to the "3.99 for THIS?!" reaction! Here are some of my personal favorites for staying nutritious [at least somewhat] while also saving money:

yogurt [I love Light n Fit; alot of food for a little money!], rice cakes [the chocolate ones topped with peanut butter are filling, cheap & incorporate some protein], string cheese, whole-wheat crackers [can be topped with cheese, PB, hommus or anything else you can think of] and carrot sticks [plain or with ranch].

Now these are mostly snack ideas. They can be combined to make a meal but here are my suggestions meal-wise, keeping in consideration you don't want to put alot into preparation:

turkey sandwiches on whole-wheat bread [hommus is a great substitute for mayo], turkey stackers lunchables [definitely not the lowest fat & calorie wise, but lower in carbs than alot of other options and FULL of protein], lean cuisines [a little pricier but definitely worth it] & lean pockets. frozen food is easy and can be halfway healthy if you pick the right stuff.

good luck in your search, hope this helps!


When I go shopping for food and such I have those moments more and more. I never really counted carbs until I went on a pump. I am also paying more attention to calories and such and some of these things scare me. My favorite foods I stay away from. Mac and cheese is horrendous both carb and calorie wise. On to the fun stuff though.

Healthy food wise that takes little to no effort I love PB and Celery together. That way I have some protein and a free food that is the celery. I am a happy vegetarian so my choices are all going to be of the non-meat variety. Another thing I love to eat is just carrots, again me being the vegetarian. Nature Valley Peanut Butter Granola bars are a decent calorie to carb kick. I second what Ashley said about the Danon Light and Fit Yogurt. It is pretty good and healthy as well.

However, my favorite meals are breakfast foods. Frozen waffles toasted to perfection are usually nice and the carb/calorie ratio is not to bad. I usually use butter or PB on them. Also, I love a fried egg with cheese melted and a little Tabasco. Easy to make, you get protein and the only carbs come from the cheese.

I also do air pop popcorn, usually with something mixed in, butter, cheese, Tabasco. Mind you I am very active and healthy, don't think I just eat and eat and am huge. I might always eat 100% healthy, but these are suggestions over time, not in one day. Also while the calories are bad and so can the carbs be as well I also enjoy The Strawberry Whole Grain Pop Tarts. They are easy to make, they taste good cold (I would use them from time to time with a low) and well sometimes we all just want to eat a Pop Tart. I have many other suggestions if you really need it as well.

Hi Ashley Kay,

Thanks for your suggestions.  I wasn't able to wait any longert because the supermarket closes at 10, so I had to go before getting your message. 

As it turns out, I bought a number of items you mentioned:  I bought:

  1. Quart of vanilla non=fat yogurt (not Light n Filt, I'll have to try that one)
  2. Quaker Rice Cakes - the chocolate crunch ones
  3. Peanut Butter - smooth
  4. Raw Baby Carrots
  5. Sliced Turkey Breast - Honey flavored
  6. Lean cuisines i Iike the stuffed cabbage ones

I like hommus, but I never tried using it as a substitute for mayo.  I don't eat mayo so I put mustard or nothing on most of my sandwiches.
The hommus sounds like a good idea.  Is it lo-carb, lo fat?  I haven't tried the Turkey Stackers, but will check them out.

Of course I bought some other items.  A few are woth mentioning:

  1. 2 boxes of cold cereal - Product 19 and Total (lowest calories and fat)
  2. Lo-fat chocolate frozen yogurt
  3. A store-made rotisserie chicken
  4. Package of chicken sausage for the barbecue
  5. Diet soda and sugar-free green iced tea
  6. Tomatoes and Lettuce
  7. Cantaloupe and Watermelon
  8. Pasta and spaghetti sauce

There's more.  The whole bill was less than $100 for my wife and I.  I bought a few items for her which I don't eat... like a Sara Lee Coconut Custard Cream Pie and some regular ice cream,

I'd love to hear some other suggestions.  Let's find out what everybody is buying in the supermarket and compare notes!


Stay well,



Hey Paul!

First of all, hummus is very good for you!  It can be high in fibre (good thing) because the main ingredients is chick peas (a.k.a. garbanzo beans).  That being said, if you're going to be consuming larger quantities, do chech the carb content...  And, you can also make easy hummus recipes at home; it'll cut down on the sodium content, which is one of my main preoccupations, given my hypertension.

When I make my next run to the grocery store, I'll be sure to come back with another post!

Bon appétit!


My favorite is sugar-free Jello. I save it for when I'm hungry and really don't feel like figuring out the carbs. Along with 0 carbs, it only has 10 calories. If you aren't too concerned about the calorie count for the time, throw some whipped cream on there. I love free foods :)

I just started buying WaWa no sugar added ice cream, so far I've only found 2 kinds...moose tracks and mint chocolate chip but, they are both so very good they don't even taste like they don't have any sugar. when I first got type 1 I absoulutly hated "diet" ice creams so I would eat the regular but, now that I am taking care of myself better I'm trying new things and learning that they're not so bad.


Sugar-free Ice Cream has come a long way. I remeber back in the day when I used to have it was either the edy's or breyers no-sugar added mint chocolate chip. What a pain in the &&& it was to get out of the container. When it normally came out it was in small chunks and there was no real Ice Cream texture or taste to it. Things have gotten so much better, even the soft serve is awesome. Granted if we could only get the desert companies to put their money into finding a cure instead of making better flavors than we would all be set.

Hey Brian,

You mean to say that Sugar-free Ice Cream ISN'T the cure???

For the last 39 years I've been eating a 1/2 gallon a day :)



Hello Paul,

I definitely know what you mean... my boyfriend refers to me as the carb/calorie/fat content machine.  lol everytime he eats something I say 'did you know that had 15g of fat in it???' he doesn't like that I know it all, but what can we say! WE HAVE TO!

Anyway here are some of the things I have found that I eat.. regularly. (Please note.. I am not sure if they are available in the US):

- Thinsations (usually 17g of carbs for different kinds and only 100 calories)
- raw veggies
- fat-free dip with low carbs (usually from the sourcream)
   -buy a tub of fat-free sour cream and mix with Club House brand packaged dips
- Special K (fat free) with berries
- veggie burgers (I shop at Safe Way in Canada, they have a healthy option with 3g of fat and 9g of carbs + 5g of fiber! per)
- turkey burgers (same as veggie burgers but with 2g of fat and no carbs)
- Sugar-Free jello (as previously mentioned)
- rice cakes (as mentioned) I usually eat them plain with 95% low fat creamcheese and S-F jelly
- rice crackers (here they come in a variety of flavours... they have 1g of fat per 12)
- Michelina reduced fat frozen meals - some are REALLY good carb to food wise
- Apples with sprinkled cinnamon (adds a touch of OOMPH)
- Egg white omelets (no fat, low/no calories and no carbs!) you can add a bit of milk if you want, I usually add a piece of ham or turkey cubed and a slice of fat-free cheese
- FiberSource bars .. high in fiber, delicious!

hmm that's about it for now! Hopefully it helps? i dunno cause we have different things than you folks!  Hopefully you found some nice things.. I know how hard it is! We have to be so conscious of everything..sometimes it gets exhausting.

I've recently started treating lows with rockets (thanks Heather!).. I forgot how good these candies were.  They're cheap and they work! 15g of carbs per roll.



I realize how shocking this could be for you, but no sugar-free Ice Cream is not the cure. You would think after thirty nine years of eating a half gallon a day you would figure it out. :-p Not to mention if you really did do that imagine the effects that would have on your system. I think of all the fun that one extra piece of sugar free candy can sometimes cause....

I go to my parents house and they buy me food twice a year, and everytime i go back to "the real world," i stand in the grocery store thinking about how there is nothing i like to eat, until i remember one thing, and everything else come flooding back. My staples:


graham crackers
peanut butter
sugar free jello
almond milk
cereal (usually 19, unless i can't find it, and then i obsess over carb/fat/fiber content in the cereal aisle for WAY too long, and pick something that doesn't taste as good)
oatmeal (which is great with splenda and cinnamon)
sometimes if i'm feeling rich i buy fake meat - soy stuff or seitan
cheese sticks


I try to keep juice boxes around for lows, but have definitely had some times when i am low and the only food i have is really low carb...

And Yogurt! Both Dannon Light and Fit Vanilla and greek style yogurt, with frozen blueberries... so good.


and beans.


Product 19 is definitely my cold cereal of choice right now.  I like it better than Total and Special K which are also pretty lo-carb.  I've even learned to tolerate and perhaps even enjoy No-fat Skim Milk with cereal.