Help for fingers

My son was diagnosed just over four months ago.  Already, I feel like his fingers are getting "tough" or hard from all the finger pokes.  He won't let me use his toes.  Has anyone found a good lotion or oil to help soften the fingers?

Are you using alcohol wipes?  My daughter's diabetes educator recommended that we not use them because she said they made the skin on the fingers tougher.  She said hand-washing is all that's needed.  And, my daughter's fingers aren't too bad, and she was diagnosed a year and a half ago.  My brother -- a Type 1 for 30 years -- only uses the ring finger and pinky on both hands.  He said he decided a long time ago that he'd just
"sacrifice" those two fingers.

My 6 year old daughter has had diabetes for 5 years, we've stuggled with this for years now. 

The best thing I could come up with is once a week, during one of her baths, I use a pumice stone on her fingers.  It works for us.  It might take a little convincing but well worth it.   

I do use the alcohol wipes most times.  It may sound lazy but it is so much easier than making him go in and wash his hands each time I have to test him.  At his age (4) it is just a battle that I haven't been willing to fight.  I will make more of an effort around using them less and see if that helps.

Doesn't sound lazy at all -- I think we all understand choosing your battles!  I wonder if something like wet wipes has less alcohol in it? 

Get the Mulit-Clix from Accu-chek - it leaves less tearing and scarring because it is not spring driven.  It also self contains its sharps.  One of our favorate products.  Also, rotate fingers often. 

We do use the multi-clix already and rotate his fingers.

Jamiesmom-I have wondered if just using regular wipes would ok.  I keep them around anyway just for general wiping off his hands after meals anyway.  I just wasn't sure if that was "good enough".

We are having about the same issue with our son.  He was diagnosed last June 30.  Lately he has had to poke his fingers several times to get enough blood to come out so he can test.  He also uses the acucheck multi clix. He won't even try a different lancet. I think it he likes it because he can't actually see the lancet itself.


My son has been T1 for 3 years. We do use lotion regularly to help, but we have found that if you stick the finger more on the sides it is easier to get the blood and it gives the finger tips a break.  It also really helps to rotate fingers and use the pinkies often.

My son also uses the multi click and uses the sides of his fingers.  He chose his pinkie and ring finger to use.  We use a hand sanitizer wipe when out and wash hands at home.  So far it isn't that bad and doesn't seem to bother him at all.