Help for my 19yr old son

Hi @april.lovelace. I’m glad Walmart insulin is working for your son. I just wanted to say, if someone is switching from the more modern analogs such as Aspart and Lyspro they should consult with their endo, as the formulations work differently and may have different durations and peak times that must be taken into account - it’s not going to be a 1-to-1 change.

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The savings card states that it expires at the end of the calendar year. The small print: “Card may be used for up to 12 calendar months of one of the above-mentioned Covered Insulins.”

I agree, the prior cards had a specific expiration date of 12/31 but it seems the company went with the generic language of calendar year so they don’t have to update the card each year.

I hope this helps

I hit enter too fast! Here is the link that I used. blob:

I have health insurance but I keep a copy of this card in my wallet as a ‘just in case’ type thing.