Help GAINING Weight without Blood Sugar Insanity?

As someone who has been overweight for more than 10 years, I can't believe I'm asking a question like this!  But now I'm pregnant and not gaining weight (ideally, I should have put on 1 or 2 punds by now).  I am by no means trying to avoid weight gain, but I definitely suspect that counting carbs and avoiding really high fat has contributed to not gaining.

But the thing is, I have to work so hard to keep my recently unpredictible blood sugar in line for the sake of the baby that I don't feel I can start piling on the carbs (I eat plenty already!) or the fat.  So that leaves, what, lean protein and veggies?  Not very conducive to weight gain!

What ideas do you have for things I can eat that are calorie dense but unlikely to screw with my already turbulant blood sugar?

By the way, the medical assistant who took down my weight today said, "If you gain two or three pounds by next week, that should do it.  Just go to Braums every night until then!!!"  (Braums is a regional fastfood joint that's famous for their ice cream.)  I was like, "Uh, yeahhh, that's a little tough for a diabetic."  How frustrating that one time I need to eat more is also the time when it's most important and the most difficult to keep a tight control on my blood sugar!

eat cheese? i LOVE cheese and it def puts the pounds on me haha. Babybel Cheese and Goat Cheese are my faaaaaavourite to snack on.  

Cheese has zero carbs but they all have fat in them!



mmm cheese. i should go find some to munch on...


As long as you're not eating low-carb (and you said you're eating plenty of carbs) - protein should actually help.  If you eat the protein isolated from carbs, keep in mind that roughly ½ the protein will be converted to sugars so... be ready to bolus accordingly.  I suspect some of the normal weight gain rules may be skewed a little too since you're not talking about eating to gain fat you're talking about eating to build a second (and maybe a third or more?!?!?!) person...  

With our second, I know my (non-D) wife was distressed over her weight loss in first trimester - stressing out sure she was doing all sorts of horrible things to the baby - but she was sick a lot and could only eat so much... healthy and healthy sized little boy later... turns out she was fine.  I know I mentioned this in another post recently -but while she was panicking, our doctor did take the time to instruct her that the baby is a perfect parasite and the concern is largely for the mother as, except in more extraordinary situations, the baby will take the nutrition it needs weather mom needed them too or not...  

I'm sure a number of other folks will have some more and better insights but these are the few thoughts that jumped to my brain as I read this... VERY EXCITING - and congratulations on keeping those sugars under good control, I know that is a ton of work on its own - with the additional hormone and body changes? - WOW - great work!



A-D is totally right on with the "Baby is a perfect parasite" thing. The baby will take whatever it needs to develop, leaving the mother depleted, before it really impacts the baby's health. He is also right that weight gain is not huge nor should it be in the first trimester. I would only be paying attention to what your OB is saying - not the nurses or techs in regard to your weight gain. Also, if you are starting out overweight, then I think the recommendations on weight gain over pregnancy is lower (like 10-15 lbs over the entire pregnancy). So again, your OB is pretty much the only person I'd be listening too right now!

But nutrient dense foods -  avacados (YUM!) and you can put them on sandwiches, make into guacamole, or just cut up a couple, drizzle with extra-virgin olive oil, lime juice and some sea salt for a fantastic tasting side salad! Cheese is also good. They never seem to affect my son's BG, but he generally does not eat as much as I do. :) Yes, they are higher in fat, but pretty healthy fat.

Thanks, everyone.  I do love cheese and avocados, and maybe their fat content wouldn’t be a big deal as long as I don’t eat them at the same time as a lot of carbs (I have a hard time figuring out good extended boluses).

It actually is my OB who says I'm not gaining enough weight.  She wasn’t happy about me losing half a pound last week, and she had on my chart that I’d need to come back for another weigh-in if I hadn’t gained two pounds this week (that seems like a lot for one week to me, even while pregnant).  I think she has this whole "uncontrolled diabetics lose weight" theory that's making her think it's more important in my case, but my blood sugar is controlled as well as it can be.  And she gets copies of my BGs, so she should know that.

I’m not necessarily scared that my baby’s being hurt at this point, since lots of women lose weight in the first trimester due to morning sickness (today is the first day of my 2nd trimester), but I’m thinking, you know, I do have to gain weight throughout the pregnancy.  For my weight category, I’m supposed to gain between 15 and 25 pounds (25 to 37 is what the APA tells non-overweight mothers to gain).  So I clearly need to start eating more calories than have been, anyway.

This is all still so weird.  Me have a hard time gaining weight?  Unheard of!!!  :p

Elizabeth, I could have written this post, circa Nov 2007!!!! During my 1st trimester and start of my 2nd, I lost about 5-10 lbs (can't remember exactly), although I hadn't been overweight beforehand. It wasn't because of nausea. My endo and OB both made me feel terrible about it, esp as I was going into the 2nd trimester. So, I loaded up on carbs, all the while worrying SO MUCH about my BG's when I ate all the carbs, but still gained no weight (although I stopped losing). Then, suddenly, the weight came on, no problem. I think a few weeks into 2nd tri. And, of course, the baby was absolutely fine.

Sooooo ... in my non-medical opinion, I wouldn't worry about it! First, I was eating healthier and the fetus was using all the calories, so of course I was losing. Second, everyone's body is different. If we decide to have a 2nd, my goal is not to let them freak me out unless something is wrong with the baby!