HELP! gastric emptying test tomorrow

It's late and I realized I don't know if I should take my full Levemir dose in the morning before the 2 hr. test at 9 a.m.!!

Anyone know?



i ate eggs and drank water during my test. i heard someone else mention they ate oatmeal during theirs. maybe take half and correct for a high if you need to? i'm afraid i'm not 100% sure what to do. i haven't been on shots in a long time. :o/ sorry.

You are special to reply to my "plea"! - I think that's a good idea.  To take half, then rest after test.  That's what I was thinking to do, and it makes sense.

Thanks for checking in!

I hope your test went well and your BG's ran okay. (:

Dear Sarah!  Thank you for writing.  As you know, it can feel pretty lonely out here as a type 1.  Experiences that someone else (w/o the "1") wouldn't think too much about can be a "deal" for us.  So it was really nice to hear from you!
As it went, I did run higher numbers until the procedure was over.  I ended up taking more than half of the Levemir before the study, and really could have taken all of it I think.  I just didn't want to run the risk of needing juice.  Don't know the results yet, will have to wait till the dr. appt.
I've been a type 1 for 47 years now.  I guess I should have known what to do by now?  ha -
Thanks again,

Glad to hear your testing went well - and I hope everything turns out for you!

Thanks!  Now if I can just learn how to better manage stress!  Ah, sigh.  Am really trying.  I'll tell you one thing, though.  It feels really nice to know you all care what's going on.  It doesn't feel as lonely to go through stuff, you know?


i'm glad we're able to help you linda. juvenation has been an amazing support system for me. i'm so glad i found it :o)