HELP! i crave sugar and food!

i hope someone can help me out!

i've been trying to lose 10lbs for 6+ months & havnt budged.

i excercise everyday @ the gym (40min cardio, 50min lightweights)

i try my hardest to eat right (about 1200-1500 calories a day)

but it's so hard!!!!

i have SUCH a sweettooth (but only for nutella and honey)  and crave small snacks.

not only do i have a sweettooth, but im just hungry all the time! (maybe cravings?)

i drink water everyday (at least 6 cups.... i know it should b 8cups)

i feel like i can never quite change my diet to smaller portions but i cant help myself most of the time!

i hope someone can at least give some advice that can motivate myself throughout the day or even a recommendation on a certain diet or lifechange that will guarantee weightloss.

please help, recently, my friend commented that this one girl was way hotter than me. he didn't realize what came out of his mouth until it did and didn't do a very good job covering it up. i pretended to shake it off, but the thought stuck to my mind and it really offended me. i dont consider myself fat, but my stomach is a little pudgier than i'd like it, my thighs are a little large, and my chin isnt quite as defined as id like it. i try to see a beautiful girl in the mirror, but when i look at those aspects, i become depressed. i try to transfer that depression into positive thinking about how beautiful i'll be once i just lose 10lbs, but my diet continues to be constant eating.

i don't eat fast foods either... fyi.

thanks to anyone that can help. it's so hard to workout as well worrying about low bloodsugars. anyways, hope that info helps

I'm in the same situation as you..I try to eat healthier and exercise, but it doesn't seem to change anything.  And I give in to cravings more often than I should, and regret it. I drink only water and never eat fast food. It gets to be frustrating.

What I've been doing is take pictures of myself every week, to watch for progress in the longrun, and journal what I eat, activity, and how I feel; it really helps because I can look back at everything.

As for satisfying a sweet tooth, fruits can usually do the trick. If you're hungry, don't starve yourself; have a small snack like nuts, veggies with a tablespoon of dip, fruit, or yogurt, which are usually relatively low in calories and carbs. Just don't go overboard; I've been guilty of that.

Don't give up! You're not the only one that feels like this

Brittany and Hannah,

I have struggled with eating issues most of my life... then when I really got control over all of them and just ate at a really good balance without obsessing over every little thing and continuing to work out (just ran a half marathon!) --- I was diagnosed with T1D a month ago where now they say you need to look at every single food label and count every single thing that goes into your mouth, and oh your really not supposed to eat anything delicious (hello summer and s'mores and pasta salad!) I know they say you can eat anything but it seems like thats not even close to me and I spike with bread, bananas, apples, pears, any type of pasta no matter how little, some yogurts, etc... I may not be covering myself enough and all of a sudden my ratios are changing drastically! Anyways... I may not have all the T1D experience yet, but I do have experience with the food craving things! Its hard not to over indulge in something especially if you really want it. Like I really really love ice cream but haven't had it since I was diagnosed. What works in place of it for me is sugar free choc pudding like at night or yoplait yugrt (they have red vevlet, boston cream, etc) Sometimes though and I am sure you have heard this before it may not be just hunger? Like I was a big bored and anxious snacker, so now I go for a walk every night after dinner with a bottle of water and usually am not hungry and if I am a have a pudding! Also, sometimes changing up your routine helps a little bit just to shock your body or intervals may help to!! It can be so frustrating to lose weight, be a female and on top of it be counting everything and taking insulin. What I am learning is that T1D are a really strong, unique group and we really can do anything.  Try not to worry about what other poeple say and I know that is really really hard but at the end of the day it only matters how you think of yourself!!!

Also I agree with the working out and worrying about low sugars, I make sure to water down a gatorade and drink like a 10g carb of the gatorade for an hour run, I also have learned I cannot workout if my startting sugar is below 90 because I just won't have any energy!


thank you guys so much! ill be sure to take this advice (: now that it’s summer i’m trying even harder to ignore cravings or substitute it and it’s getting a lil bettr (mentally that is). im still waiting to see the results. but thanks again!! i will do my best!

I feel the same way your not the only one. Some of my friends have called me fat. I dont know much about losing weight but i did lose 3 pounds by playing volleyball everyday for 3 hours and riding my bike around my neighborhood 10 times.