Help.... I live in Florida but going to Boston for the weekend

Im going to Boston to visit my cousin and her family. I have not been on a plane since i have been diagnosed so I don't know the procedures for going in a plane with insulin and syringes..... Should I call the airline in advance to tell them or no..

Have a good trip.  I am on an insulin pump but always take insulin and syringes as backup with me when I travel.  I've never had a problem getting them through security.  They have never brought up the fact that they found them in my bag either.

Thanks for the advice

You should not have any problem with your insulin and accessories going through security/TSA.  I've flown both within US borders and abroad, and have not had issues either way.  What I have done is put all of the supplies in one gallon-size ziploc bag, so they can take it out and look at it without having to open it.  I also have gone through the X-ray with my insulin pump attached; no problem.  It doesn't beep.  The only time anyone has actually said something was at LAX - the guy said "Are there needles in here?", to which I replied, "Yep!", and he said "Okay."  And that was it. 

There are so many of "us" flying, that they're pretty familiar with what our stuff looks like.  Just another day at the rock pile, to them.  Don't stress, and have fun!

I fly all the time with insulin pens and cartridges and its usually completely fine. They don't even ask me about them. I always bring a hospital note just in case, but i've only ever had to use it once. I don't think you'll have a problem at all! ...Enjoy and have fun! 

i have traveled to boston from illinois when i was on shots, and i had no problems with the needles that were in my purse. if they do give you a hard time, i would suggest you wear a medic alert necklace/braclet/etc if you dont always. Enjoy Boston, i love it there =)

Read the new Adult toolkit for Diabetes Really good info on what you need!!! They posted a link not long ago, just register and download a pdf.

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Go Red Sox!!!!




sarah, at first i thought you were on the wrong thread. then i realized you were referring to boston. HAHA. can you tell the red sox aren't my team? :op

My family and I went on vacation just a few days after I was diagnosed, so my parents were also pretty freaked out about getting my needles and assorted sundries through security.  We had notes from doctors saying we needed to carry stuff, so everything was pretty smooth.

Hi Eva

I just got back from vacation in Boston in July. No issues with the airline. Is this your first trip to Boston.??

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Go Red Sox!!!!


and bruins! haha boston is my home

the only thing i would recommend about flying is to make sure you have the prescriptions for your stuff so that they know it's for you.. that's what my nurse educator told me works instead of a doctor's note


I've been diabetic for 27 years and have flown many times, so I'll give you a couple of good pointers that have always worked for me.

It's always best to get a note from your doctor saying that you are diabetic and need to carry syringes and any other items needed for your diabetes.

The airlines nowadays are pretty good about procedural things, such as diabetes. They may question you, but I have to say I've only been questioned a handful of times due to my pump, but never because I was carrying syringes.

In the event that your flight is cancelled/delayed, I always advocate for carrying all of your diabetes supplies on the plane with you. It is a nightmare trying to get your supplies if you check them (just speaking from personal experience).

Hope this helps and have a wonderful trip!


Thanks Everyone for the replies.

I thought I should let everyone know that I went on the trip last weekend and it was very good. :) When I passed through security I would always tell them that I'm diabetic but they just let me thru and made no big deal out of it. I SAW SNOW FOR THE FIRST TIME! haha I'm happy about that. The only bad thing that happened was that my first flight was cancelled due to a storm so I had to wait from 6am - 4pm at the airport for my next plane. Other than that everything was good.

Boston is a great city and my home :)  Our snow this year has been pathetic, though.