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The Teen Diabetic Handbook!
Everything You Need To Know That The Adults And Doctors Didn’t Tell You!
By Callie Compton
Dedicated to all diabetics who are “Diabetic and proud!”
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Okay, so if you’re reading this, either you’ve had Diabetes for a while, or you’re newly diagnosed, (which TOTALLY Stinkz!). There are a lot of things (even if you’ve had it for a while you may be surprised!), that you probably don’t know!
It may seem like life is over, but really not that much changes. You can do anything with diabetes that you can without it. The doctor probably told you this, but really YOU CAN! I should know I’m an 11 year diabetic, AND a competitive dancer, and very athletically active. So, you can still be a normal kid. Your life is not over. Plus there are a lot of perks!
So, you probably already know what diabetes is, but just in case:
Diabetes is a disease (that first off NEEDS TO BE CURED!), that affects 3 million Americans. 40 Children everyday are diagnosed with diabetes, (that’s 15,000 a year.) It’s a life-threating disease that together we can overcome! Scientifically, it occurs when, your islet cells in your pancreas don’t work. In English, this means, these little cells in your body, decide they just don’t wanna do their job!
Did You Know??
Bet’cha didn’t know that…
In some states you can get college paid for JUST for being diabetic! Um hum, check with your local government and the IN-STATE College that you want to go to.
You can bring your diabetes dog to school! Yep, if you go to a public school, and have a diabetes dog it’s the law that the school allows you to bring it with you!
There are ENTIRE CAMPS dedicated to diabetics, camps like camp Hopewell dedicate one to two weeks and open the camp to diabetics only. You get to escape the real world, and just have a lot of fun, and a little learning about your disease in a fun way!
There is a band of teenage girls who are all diabetic, that bring awareness to the disease. (
(you probably know this one) The annual diabetes walk is held to raise money for diabetes.
In some states, diabetics can get handi-cap parking passes when they start to drive!
So, I bet you’re thinkin’ “WOW! Being diabetic is actually pretty cool!” and your right!
Good News; you have a whole community of kids and adults who know exactly how you feel!
Bad News; If you’re diabetic you’ve had ENOUGH bad news!

This humor part taken from;
A little humor
In your search for change at the bottom of your purse to pay for an item at the register, you also find used test strips.
The first thing you look at in the Sunday paper is the drugstore ads to see which meters are on sale.
In public your teenager announces they're high and you hand them a syringe.
Your 6-year-old is given many colors of modeling clay and told she can create anything she wants and she chooses to make a meter, lancet and cotton ball for her diabetic teddy bear.
Your laundry smells good because you accidently washed the glucose tabs again.
Your d-daughter knows the Girl Scout cookies with the fewest carbs per cookie and uses that in her sales pitch to everyone---diabetic or not!
You go through a drive-in at Dunkin' Donuts and see the sign that said "High Curb" and you start laughing because you think it said "HIGH CARB."

Okay, some advice
Relax! Just ‘cause your teen has diabetes does not mean everything changes! You do have to be a little more alert. You should defiantly make sure that your kids’ best friend is fully briefed on the symptoms and such of diabetes. It really helps, trust me; my best friend has saved by life more than once! Also, don’t be so over protective, if you freak out, your kids freak out (which raises their blood sugar by the way), you have to teach them to be independent while living with diabetes!

If you have a young child: A “shot box” or “finger prick box” can be life-savers! (Or sanity-saving!) Every time your child gets a shot or finger prick, they get a treat from “the box”. Every week my daughter went to the dollar store to pick out what she liked. I knew she would get tired of this very quickly, and just as I predicted, in about 6 months, she gave up on asking for treats from the box, but got used to shots!
For bad lows: We always keep maple syrup around the house, and cake-icing, and jelly. These are GREAT substitutes for glucose tabs or gel, if they are unavailable or your child can’t swallow at the moment. Also, keep packs of “drive thru jelly” (the packets you get from biscuits at fast-food places) in your purse or car. Once, we used sliced oranges for a BAD low, the juice from them was easy to swallow and faster than other things at the food bar (we were at a restaurant.)
Juice boxes with 100% juice (such as juicy-juice), have the perfect amount of sugars and carbs, for everyday, or even a minor low!
For sick days: Since it’s so important to keep your child/teen hydrated, I make mine have a sip of sprite/Gatorade/water/whatever every commercial when she watches TV. (Hint: this even works on teens!)
YOU CAN NEVER have too many “blood sugar raising” stuff on you at all times!
Carrying supplies:
For girls, this is easy! A stylish purse works fine.
For Guys: this one is tricky! They make meters small enough to fit in pants pockets. They also make a meter that is strips and a meter all in one and it’s really small! Also, (if you are a little crafty) you can sew a small pocket on the bottom of the pants leg, with a zipper to hold a small meter and pricker.
For Young Children: It is helpful to have a “diabetes bear”. This is a stuffed bear with patches on him/her that show where you can give shots and finger pricks. We got ours from our local chapter of JDRFI.
If you can arrange to talk to your teenagers class to explain what diabetes is. You would be surprised how many kids think they can catch diabetes no matter how many times your child tells them they can’t, it takes an adult. Plus kids get mad, unless they know why another kid gets to eat in class when no one else does.
Never let your child/teen throw a “pity party” for more than 5 minutes.
Always make them be thankful for the good things
Tell them they can’t do something because they are diabetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! use examples of diabetic athletes entertainers, ect.

Don’t check blood on the 1st three fingers on the left and the thumb on the right. This is helpful for guitar hero playing.

Cool Stuff
You know you’re a diabetic when…
You get excited when your pump company comes out with new updates or colors
You say that you feel ‘high’ in public and then wonder why people around you give you weird looks
You’ve been known to often say “this one time, at diabetes camp…”
You think regular soda tastes completely disgusting
You know what the terms A1C, diabetic ketoacidosis, glucagon, basal/bolus, and endocrinologist mean
You know the amount of carbohydrates in basically every food known to man
You have a favorite flavor of glucose tabs (and you know what they are)
You notice a friend’s been drinking a lot and you automatically assume they must be an undiagnosed diabetic
You’re parents ask how you’re doing and you tell them your blood sugar
You have test strips all over you purse, car, and bedroom
You hear something beep and you wonder if it’s your cell phone or insulin pump
You think it’s funny seeing the look on people’s faces when you give an injection in public restroom
You think of blood sugar not bull sh!t when you see the initials BS
You use being low as an excuse when you do something dumb, but get extremely offended if you're in a bad mood and someone tells you to test your sugar
You are abnormally good at multiplying by 15. Thank you carb counting.
You have a debate about the best & worse glucose tab flavors and take it seriously
You get incredibly tired of having to explain to people 'no I don't have the same thing as you're 200 pound grandma...' (Especially if you're type 1)
You know it's diabe-TEES, not diabe-TUS or diabe-TISS
Any restaurant bragging about it’s amazing “pasta & pizza” is your definition of a Torture Chamber.

A really great day for you is defined as “90-120″ — which means nothing to most people you know.

Unexplained electronic beeps make you start frisking yourself, and/or your pockets or purse — and you’re the only one in the room NOT searching for your cell phone.

Just hearing the word “dessert” makes your blood sugar rise.

You keep a calculator in right next to the napkins in your kitchen.

Eating a piece of fruit has become a MAJOR EVENT in your life.

Any word that starts with “glu” makes you wince.

You find teeny tiny blood stains on lots of your shirts, and near jacket pockets — despite the fact that you use the “lick method” a lot.

You constantly have the feeling that your life is a science experiment, and it’s NOT just your imagination
You say that you feel “high” in public and then wonder why people around you give you weird looks.

My parents keep finding syringe caps in my clothes pockets, my school bag or randomly strewn throughout the house.

After I was on the pump:

Finding the caps or “extra caps” to the insulin cartridges on the rug, near the garbage can.

Finding used test strips in pockets of anything, purses, bags, glucose monitor kit, near garbage can, pretty much anywhere.

Little pieces of tissues with blood stains on them found EVERYWHERE I have ever been!

“Shooting up” has a decidedly different ring to it (and so does “needle user”).
You know you‘re a diabetic when…your friends either forget you have diabetes and you get mad (I.e. “For the last time, that’s my insulin pump!”), or they remember that you have diabetes….and yes, you get mad at that too (”My friend can’t eat that…she has diabetes”)!
So ALL of this is completely true, and applies to all diabetics! You will find out (if you don’t already know it) soon enough! (Especially the being high in public!)
Sort of bittersweet, isn’t it, knowing that thousands of other people “get” these? What would you say is the biggest telltale sign that someone’s part of the Diabetic Club?
And really that’s what the diabetic community is, it’s a club, a safe haven, and a support group, it’s a special thing that only diabetics get. My best friends will NEVER understand this, so in a way it’s pretty cool to be diabetic!
Always remember (even though it’s cool to be diabetic it’s also a hardship in a teenagers life.), INSULIN IS NOT A CURE (neither is a pump), BUT simply something that saves lives (or makes things easier) BUT NOT A CURE! We all must fight this thing together, all diabetics and parents of!
*** Some websites you might find useful! *** (a support diabetic facebook group) (sometimes diabetics get wishes)
I hope this is helpful!