Help? Im getting married!

Ok I have been engaged for a year now and will be married in October--Instead of favors my fiance and I have decided to have donations made to JDRF in our guests shown on the JDRF website--- I will also like to purchase Awareness Ribbons or something of the sort for my guests to wear...but have been unsuccessful in finding somebody who makes the ribbons and actually donates the proceeds to diabetes research. Can anybody help me out? I think I'm going nuts I can't believe i didn't find a company that does this yet. thanks guys!

Okay, I apologize for not being any help on this, but when I saw your post I just really wanted to say congratulations ;) ;) ;) ;) (<-- totem pole of congratulatory-not-helpful-but-still-smiley-smiley-faces-of-yay,-go-Kate!-written-by-a-low-diabetic-who-is-going-to-check-her-blood-sugar-..... now!)


The Jdrf has bracelets that they can give you instead of ribbons i am not sure anyone does ribbons. For my wedding I donated to the Diabetes Research Institute and they sent me pins to give out and i handmade cards and put a saying on it telling them instead of traditional party favors that i have decided to donate to the diabetes research institute in your honor If you want the exact saying I will have to look and see if i have any left i forget what i wrote exactly. then i attached the pin to the card and put them in really nice baggies i found at the 99 cent store

 you can even do the same thing with the bracelets put a card in the baggy along with the bracelet on each plate it really was nice and so many people loved it more than something they would throw away anyway lol

OMG i forgot to say congrats and also when are you getting married!

I may have to steal this idea for myself!  I am getting married in July and my fiance and I have struggled figuring out what to do about wedding favors for our guests.  A couple weeks ago, we finally decided to just not worry about it assuming that people throw stuff like that away anyway, so it would be a waste of our money.  I like this idea though!  Money going to an awesome cause!  Where might I find the bracelets?

Adam contact your local jdrf chapter or the NY chapter.

OMG!  CONGRATULATIONS, first of all!  But, I just slapped myself on the forehead and thought, "Now why didn't I think of that, that's absolutely brilliant!!!"  I have also been engaged for a year and am planning my wedding for this October!  What a coincidence.  So, I think I may also have to follow your lead and maybe do something similar.  (If that's quite alright with you.)  I did find these: and 20% of the sales goes to the cause of the ribbon.

Congratulations to everyone here!!!

This is a great Idea, and I might also have to steal it. Although I am the second Adam to post here getting married in July. Adam, if you are doing it in State College, PA  on July 18th I might have to buy you a drink!

PA?  No.  July 18th?  Yes!  We'll be getting married in KC.  Congrats to you as well!