Help! In need of dietary suggestions

We need to work on our DD diet. Diagnosed almost a year ago, our eight year-old doesn’t like eggs and a whole bunch of vegetables. So thankful for chicken and broccoli, we’re at a loss sometimes. I read all these wonderful recipes with foods that she just doesn’t like. Any resources or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Navigating our way through this together,
Work in Progress

Hi Joy @WorkinProgress, I can sympathize with you in your efforts to satisfy, or at least properly nourish, an eight year old. I too see a lot pictures of what appear to be really awesome and tasty meals [some of which actually have carb counts] and then when I look at the ingredients and prep-time I say “no thanks”.

What I suggest, is that you concentrate on preparing HEALTHY meals of foods s/he will [usually] eat and make adjustments in insulin therapy to cover what is eaten and maintain effect glucose levels. This is referred to as effective use of MDI [Multiple Daily Injections] or intelligent pump management - depending on your choice for insulin therapy. MDI is a process I worked on in the 1970’s, before the advent of glucose meters, with a research endocrinologist for effective glucose management and permits us now to eat almost everything and keep BGL [Body Glucose Levels] within acceptable range.

When I was diagnose in the 1950’s I stuck to a regimented diet [starvation diet for a teen] and took one daily dose of a recently invented long-lasting isophane insulin - it more or less worked until I went to college. Turn over a new-leaf and since I married more than a half century ago I have eaten the “healthy” meals my wife prepares and cover the estimated carbs with insulin. This has permitted my to live a full, very active and fulfilling life while letting my HbA1c hover around 6%.
True, I have what are referred to as “diabetes complications” but I attribute most of these to be related to my early days of diabetes that I mention above; for instance my diabetic retinopathy condition, my most serious “complication” was diagnosed in 1966.

Joy! i;m glad i saw this.

i’m actually in the process of building a channel based completely around this!

T1 for 15 years and i’m wanting to help in anyway possible!

check out this channel. would love feedback / questions / or insight on any other videos yall may want to see etc. look forward to it!!