HELP! Insulin is causing weight gain before my wedding

Hi all, I am new to Juvenation and really hope someone has some advice for me.  I just started insulin a few weeks ago and have already gained almost 15 pounds!!!! ahh!!  I am getting married on March 20, 2010, only 2 and half months away.   I have the most amazing fiancé who is incredibly supportive and would love me at any size.  However, I just bought a very expensive dress and need it to fit!!  I have pushed my fitting back a bit to try to lose the weight because I will not be able to get into the size I ordered.  I am in a total panic.  

Any advice would be soooooo appreciated!


HI Jackie,

FIrst - welcome to Juvenation - it is a great place to find support and ask questions, whether you are new or 'old' to T1 diabetes, but esp. if you are new. I am guessing that you probably were not feeling great for quite a while and had maybe lost quite a bit of weight either recently or over time - this was a symptom of the diabetes eating away at your muscle mass because it could not use the sugar in your blood for energy because you didn't have enough insulin. Weight gain right after diagnosis is pretty common and in most cases it is a return to 'normal' or healthy weight. Because your body can finally use the carbs you are eating for energy, it can rebuild your muscle mass and fat stores. This probably doesn't help much with the problem of your dress fitting - but you are much more likely to be at or near a healthier weight than before you were diagnosed.

As for your dress- if it is mainly muscle that you have gained - are your measurements a lot different (waist, hips, bust)? Measure and see. your dress shop (or you already) will have the list of what they measured when they figured out your size to order. I would call and talk with your dress shop and the person who will be fitting you. Explain you were just diagnosed and that you have gained some weight and what you are worried about. They will know what amount they can let out the dress (like an inch at the waist, etc.) I am sure they have had to deal with bride's not being the same size as when they ordered the dress (like getting pregnant). So the cause might be different, but the end result of figuring out how to get the dress to fit is similar. If they really think it is a problem - they'd be able to tell you if they can reorder the dress in a larger size in time for the wedding (not the cheapest option probably.)

I'd also talk with your endocrinologist or your diabetes educator and or a nutritionist that specializes in diabetes, to see if there are some diet and exercise things that you can do for the next several months to maybe lose some of the weight. Do keep focused on your health and your blood sugars. Your wedding is one day, and you can find a solution for the dress problem - your health is with you for a lot longer and you don't want to risk that.

Good luck and have a great wedding!

Talk to endocrinologist.  It's only been a few weeks so 15lbs does sound a lot but it may be that your body is reacting to the changes by retaining fluids and food.  Prior to diagnosis many of us walk around extremely dehydrated and somewhat malnutrited.  Now with insulin your body will start to regulate itself but it can take some time before it's fully equalized.  If you're feeling bloated, etc....  this may be what is happening.  Stay in close contact with your endocrinologist  for advice.  And if it is a true weight gain and not just water weight, etc...  your Dr. should be able to recommend a nutrionist, etc...

Whatever you do don't take diet pills and don't stop the insulin.  It's definitely not worth it.

Hi Jackie,that was just so well said by JDVs mom...I just will say..Congratulations on the upcoming wedding !!!  :)

Hi Jackie,

Congrats on the wedding! I just got married in July, and it makes a world of difference to have someone who is supportive.

As for the weight - most people gain weight when they start insulin. A lot of it has to do with our being underweight prior to diagnosis, but also insulin just does that. You will notice if you always inject in the same areas that you will develop some fat in the injection sites (I'm too much of a sissy to put my pump anywhere but my abdomen, so I have to resign to not having washboard abs ;). But don't worry, March 20th is plenty of time to get back to your dress weight/size. The more quickly you get your sugars under control the easier it is to maintain a weight.

Welcome to Club D! and good luck with the last minute planning!


thank you all for the well wishes!  As you know, I am new here and it so nice to have the extra support!


What I don't understand is that I am not underweight and never experienced the weight loss side effect of diabetes so I was super bummed to experience the weight gain (and at such an inopportune time!)  I am meeting with a nutritionist tomorrow and hopefully can make some drastic (yet healthy) diet changes to reverse the weight gain.....just wanted to see if anyone else has had experience with this and/or advice.


thanks for the responses!!!!!!