Help! LDL out of control

Hi friends,

I know my son is a very picky little man when it comes to food.  It's been impossible to introduce new healthy food or even bad ones and he eat them!

My Endo nurse just e-mailed me his total cholesterol is 215 good is under 180. the LDL was 115 on it's own(should be under 100).  I'm so at aloss.  Naturally he's a solid kid, he's never been thin and very active.  Since the fall/winter season he's more stuck in the house (Philly suburbs) cause it's been very cold here.  But he does run around hard, plays Wii active games. I feel like I'm killing my kid! He has too long with Diabetes to have #'s this out of whack. 


Has/Is anyone else going through this or AM I just doing something wrong?


Andrew is still a little guy and has plenty of time to get things right.  If his LDL is not where it should be, just make some adjustments...a small diet adjustment and small exercise adjustment.  Thinnk of one thing you can do to make his diet better and one way where he can get more exercise.  See where you are in 3 months and then make another small adjustment.  Consider yourself lucky that things are watched so carefully and you are not facing this when you already have an overweight child.

Take Care


Thank you for the encouragement.  It's a battle I refuse to be defeated by, it's just saddening.  I just know choloesterol is a struggle for many adults & to know that your "toddler" is already battling it  just sucks!!

I'm just glad our weather's starting to break & he can get back to running outside all day.



I feel for you kelly. I recently adopted a puppy for my 7 y/o son diagnosed almost a year ago, just to get him active around the house during this winter months. We live in Michigan. Have you tried giving him fresh fruits like strawberries, apple,kiwi and grapefruit for snack? half banana is good too. This fruits  soothed my sons hunger in between meals.


Drew will only eat banans & apple sauce.  The only veggie is green beans.  I wish we could get a puppy but we're renting and they won't allow it.  Thankfully the weather is breaking here and he can ride his bike more.   We just said we'll leave him alone while he runs in circles in the house!

Hi Kelly,

We are having the same issue with my older daughter who is about to turn 7. She eats healthy foods: fruits, veggies, lean meat, etc. and we are pretty much on a low-fat diet most of the time (mostly b/c I don't like getting up all night correcting for pizza or french fries or other higher fat foods.) Last year and this year her cholesterol was high. I don't have her particular numbers, but it was noted as "high" in the results that I got via email from our endo. She gets plenty of exercise, and is lean... My other daughter who is 5 and also has diabetes, has normal cholesterol. They eat the same foods. I am not sure what to do about it either, but I had been giving both kids a hoodsie (small ice cream cup) for bedtime snack. Now, I have replaced that with half a cup of lowfat yogurt. I'm not sure if that will make any difference at all, but ice cream was the one thing they did eat almost every night that is high in fat, so maybe that small change will have an impact (who knows?). I got the blood test results after our last appointment, but I plan to ask my endo next time I'm there about cholesterol and if diabetes alone tends to raise it...

I thought my daughter's would come down a little from the previous year since we used to have cheese and hard boiled eggs for "free" snacks when they were on shots. Now that they are pumping and with the cholesterol issuee, I have been avoiding those foods.


You aren't doing anything wrong!  My oldest son was diagnosed when he was 9.  When he was 10 they told us his tryglerides were over 400.  I freaked!  My family has a strong history of heart conditions and I was so afraid I would lose my son.

We did some research and started to introduce salads to his diet.  Thankfully, he loved them.  We also started doing a lot of baking and broiling.  If he likes fried chicken, there are some great oven fried recipes.  

My youngest son was just diagnosed this summer at 10.  He is a picky eater.  He doesn't do veggies.  He does like some fruits.  We just make sure to stock up on the ones he will eat. 

Just remember, he's still very young and there is plenty of time to bring it down.  If he likes oatmeal, start serving it a lot.  It has been known to reduce cholestrol. 

Keep at it.  It does get better!!