Help me narrow down pump choices!

Hi everyone,
I’m considering going on a pump lately. Who wants to help me narrow down the brand choices? :slight_smile: Here are the things I think I care about. (Obviously there may be things I don’t yet know I care about, as I haven’t pumped before–feel free to suggest.)

  1. Ability to use Apidra (the only deal-breaker; I’m not going back to Humalog)
  2. Reliability. Especially how easy it is to confirm when something’s gone wrong
  3. Good and easy to use IOB function (I microcorrect)
  4. Fast to use “superbolus” function - I expect I would be doing that a lot
  5. Easy to adjust basals, e.g. raise everything by 10% (mine fluctuate a bunch)
  6. I’m happy with my Freestyle Lite meter, ability to keep using it would be nice (also ability to enter a BG value manually, so I can correct from my Dexcom when appropriate :wink:

Basically, everyone tell me what you think of your pump brand!