Help me out! Other types of D, I'm stuck!

how many types of D are there now? 5?

T1, T2, pre-D, gestational D, and LADA (that's T1.5 right?)?

on the UK D association they also list Type 3 and MODY.


I'm doing my daily "diabetes fact" facebook status and I need to know how many there are now officially.


not sure if i should include the Type 3 or MODY ones...

"Type 3" refers to someone who cares for someone with diabetes.  :)

MODY is a fairly new concept.  The JDRF website has more info on it, if you search for "MODY" in their search box.

according to Type 3 is:

Type 3 diabetes is the relatively new title given to a previously unknown form of diabetes discovered by scientists in the US.

Studies carried out by the US Brown Medical School research team identified the possibility of a new form of diabetes after finding that insulin is produced by the brain as well as the pancreas.

Whereas type 1 and type 2 diabetes occur when the human body is unable to produce or use insulin from the pancreas, the new form is believed to cause lower than normal levels of brain insulin and does not affect blood sugar as with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

I know we usually refer to it as a person who cares for a D. but when I googled it came up as one of the first few links.

i'll take a look at the MODY info on JDRF.

I'm just not sure if I should include it anything more than the first 5 i listed