Help me please

My name is Sara. I've been a type one diabetic for a while now, but recently I have a new problem. I've become severily bulimic. It started with only once in a while purging, when I ate something that I shouldn't have, but now, if I eat something heavy I feel the need to purge it and most likely can't do anything about it.


My mother had once caught me purging, and she didn't understand at all. She doesn't understand the feeling. I'm small. And by small, I mean short. Diabetes killed my growth horomones and it's really had for me to lose weight. She doesn't understand that it makes me feel better.


But its gotten too fair. I need help. Anyone out there will help me?


We are always here to help you Sara! That's what Juvenation is for.

I doubt you're going to like this. I'm really controling with my eating, so I understand how annoying it is when people don't understand. And I can't stand when people try to get me to eat something more or something different. I feel like I know what I need, however, the important thing is to talk to your mom.

I've avoided the conversation with my own mom because she doesn't like the way I eat. But, a little while ago I worked up the guts to bring the issue to her, and to be honest, she understood. It took a bit of explaining, but I think she has a good idea of what I go through and all. So I think your mom will understand also if you give her the chance and calmly talk it out between the two of you.

Another thing, we both know bulemia isn't healthy. At all. And the key to weight loss is to be healthy, not just skinny, right? Teaming up with my mom, I've managed to seriously tighten my health a lot and drop weight in the mean time. But I did it the healthy way, and I believe that's what you should do as well. But to do that, the first step is to tell your mom what you just told us.

Sara, i am terribly sorry to say that i cannot relate to you in this topic, and i wont pretend that i know what you're going through because i don't. but i do want you to know that i am here for you in any way that i can be.

Thank you. I think I may talk to my doctor before I go to my mom, because I get along with my Endo better than my own mother.

Sara, when I was growing up, I was told eating disorders are much more common in diabetics -- probably for all the reasons you mentioned -- so I'm sure you're not alone. I think talking to your endo is an excellent idea! Then, s/he can help you and your Mom come up with a plan for help. Good luck, and please keep us updated.

When you talk to your Endo, maybe it is time to check thyroid levels?  That may be something to look at.  I never was bulimic, so I am afraid I cannot empathize.  It certainly sounds like the heavy meals are triggering it.  You may want to supplement your meals with some Ensure or nutrition support.  Just keep the meals light.  Like they say, vegies are great.  Salads, etc.  Fish is better than beef for light and still being protein.  Avoid fried and anything terribly greasy.  Fats drive up your production of bile, which can add to nausea.  You may want to also supplement with some Prilosec OTC, to keep stomach acid under control. 

All that is well and good, I suppose, but the real issue is your self image.  We all have had the challenge to accept our identities as type 1's.  We all have had to reflect on our differences in the face of our social settings and our sugar craved economy.  Acceptance of self is part of the game, and perhaps the act of acceptance is a dynamic, evolving situation.  It sounds corny, I hope you can accept you and become the best YOU that you can be.  I have had this disease some 30 years and I will freely admit that it is only in the last 7 years that I have strived to accept my image as a diabetic.  I struggled for so long to be as "Normal" as possible.  It is only lately I realize the truth, that nobody is normal.  And more importantly, Normal kinda sucks.  :)


Ask your endo if they know any good psychologists or psychiatrists and talk to your mother about it as well.  The fact that you realize you may have a problem is a huge step in resolving it.  The ability to recognize and actively seek help is something most people do not realize and do not pursue.  Continued purging can only lead to detriment later on.  An active eating disorder is difficult to combat but can be overcome and it sounds like you are stepping in the right direction in asking for help.

I agree with CHLjoe, you need to talk to someone who is qualified to handle the situation.  Parents and endocrinologists may be a good start, but there are a lot of misconceptions about eating disorders. They are one of the more difficult disorders to treat, the chances of solving this problem on your own are not that good.

knowing all about nutrition makes it easier to become aware that some stuff, you really shouldnt be eating. at least you want it to stop. i read that it is healthier to be fat and active than skinny and inactive.

when it comes to controling what you eat, try keeping a food journal. it could be different than what you think. you could have all the food groups and the number of servings you want to eat each day. when you eat a serving,check it off. then allow yourself a certain number of treats.

sorry if that is confusing

     I feel so bad that you are struggling with this so much.  I know as a teenager, I always wanted to be thinner.  I always thought everyone else looked so much better than me.  It took me so long to figure out that I needed to be happy with myself no matter how I looked.  I always lectured my one friend who was anorexic ( and sometimes bullemic).  Now I have a 17 year old daughter who has struggled with her weight some.  She sometimes looks at the girls her own age and sees herself as different than them.  At this point she is starting to accept herself for who she is and making changes where possible.  I'm so proud of her and love her more than anything.  If I could I would feix everything for her myself.  I know that weight control with diabetes is easier to talk about than to do.   I'm still not happy about stepping on a scale.and hate doing it when I have my doctor's appointments.  Maybe you could find a therapist who is knowledgable about type 1 diabetes.  Or, please write to someone here when things get rough.  Everyone here is so supportive.