Help my child

Hi all I would like to Introduce myself my name is Crystal, I have daughter that is 10 years old and she had been diabetic since she was 3.I
Crying for any help I can get our insurance will no longer cover her supplies and I’ve turned everywhere I can for help and thier just isnt.

She is in need of g5 senors weither they are expired or not.

And omnipod

hello @Cureformychild Crystal and welcome to Type One Nation. Haave you contacted dexcom and Insulet? Usually, these medical device suppliers contact your insurance on your behalf and can help you understand your coverage and out of pocket expenses.



No matter if one of our readers could help you out… that’s great… but even so this will only help you for a very limited time. Eventually the extras will run out.

Many times, an insurance coverage denial will require you to appeal.

good luck.

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@Cureformychild I have 5 G5 unexpired sensors I can send you.

I also have flexpens and insulin vials if that is of any interest.

That would be great I can’t imagine how to ever thank you.

Hi! I have seven g5 sensors that I had leftover from when we switched to the g6. They are dated 11/2018. I’ll be happy to ship them to you.
Best Regards

Can I have you guys email me it’s not letting me email you its

I sent you an email! I’m

Are you still interested in receiving supplies?

I would love to be able to get them for my child


I sent you an email and didn’t get a response or a reply on this forum. I’ll assume you no longer want the supplies I offered unless I hear from you shortly.

I have unexpired G5 sensors (5) and also insulin.


Lee I replied to the email a few days ago check your spam .

Please send me the address and I’ll mail them to you.

Best Regards


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Crystal, I have no email from you - let’s try again!

Please email me at and include your mailing address and whether you just want sensors or if you’d like me to include insulin with refrigerant pak.


Oh, I see what happened - your screen name is Crystal but you are actually Brittany. Are you still posting as Brittany on other threads? I think I’ve been replying to you twice…

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I didn’t realize how my sister set up my email I dont think she realized she used her name instead of mine but I’m actual crystal

Can you please email me just because it wont let me message you

Crystal I have 20 ominood sets and one dexacom that are fine-I just changed to the new Medtronic pump. I can send them to you if you send me s mailing address to I have two unopened boxes of the settings. Hope you can use them😊

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I emailed both of you and know one has gotten back to me ?

I’ve sent two emails requesting where to send the supplies. Send me an address I’m ready to send them