Help please

I am trying to get info on meetings and/or classes in the Morgantown-Fairmont  WV area. Also would be willing to travel in a 30 mile radius of these cities. Maybe someone can give me info on how to find classes/meeting? I do not know where to begin.I would be thankful for any and all the help anyone can provide. try some of these . ive not tried them, but id say something there for you

Classes are okay, but they're usually pretty basic and most D classes are focused on treating type 2.  Some other options you may want to consider. 

There are online classes offered by Gary Scheiner's company (he wrote "Think Like a Pancreas").  Each class is $29 and the topics are good.

This list of books is also excellent.  Especially the highly recommended ones.

Also, sometimes the insulin pump manufacturers like Medtronic Minimed will offer diabetes classes along with product demos.  The classes I attend on carb counting and some other topics were really helpful.  The classes must be effective from Minimed's perspective too... I bought one of their pumps!




You might also try calling the ADA and JDRF in your area they should be able to recommend something.