Help Please!

Hello everyone!  I'm looking for ideas for a quote to put on the back of my jdrf walk shirt... The shirts are really crazy and random this year.  Gonna be black with either a hot pink or lime green dino on the front, along with my team name, Taylor Weir's Dream Team.  I'd like for the quote to go with my team maybe somethng dreamy or... idk? I'm just wanting something with hope.


Taylor Danielle. :)

Dream, and it will happen

Hope, and it will be...

Walk for the dream of Diabetes being cured

The Dream Team Beleves a cure will come

Dream Team, YES

haha...I didn't have shirts for my walk team, but my wife made a shirt for the dog that said "we can dia-beat-this"

There were some good ideas in this thread:

I will re-plug mine (yes, it's a little MDI biased):

(front): Stop shooting children

(back): Cure Type 1 Diabetes



What is the 'stop shooting children'? you mean stop shooting them up with insulin?

Oh, and what is MDI?

MDI is multiple Daily injections or if youre on a pen or syringe