Help Reality Check!

I am embarrassed to even ask this, as I have a very supportive wife. But here it goes. We have slightly different work schedules – she wakes up earlier and I leave later. Many times while I sleep I can not hear the alarm that might be going off during the night or in the morning. My wife is a “light” sleeper and usually hears it. She’ll hand mw the pump and wake me up to take care of the issue. Which is very nice of her, but there are a number of times I wake up in the middle of the night with and insulin reaction and such and just take care of it.
I asked her if maybe she could look at the alarm “high predicted” and just turn it off without waking me up to do it.
Well, that was NOT her responsibility and she thought she was being kind enough to wake me up.
I am wrong in asking her to do this? She actually can’t give me an injection or even watch me put my infusion set or GCM set in – she knows that if I tell her I need sugar (in case I don’t have it – almost never ) during a hike she knows it’s important to get something for me.
Does your significant other ever turn off your alarms? Esp. when they are not a low – I even have the threshold suspend set so low’s bother me less.
Tell me what you think – am I rude and being cranky?

Tough one. Hard for me to answer, as we have a child with T1D as well. So if someone is alarming, one of us is up. Has mine ever been the one going off and spouse gets up for it - yep. He would not ‘treat’ nor ignore (high or low) on me without letting me know.

It’s a tough line for our significant others… I guess if she’s not comfortable doing it, you have to respect that.


When I was pregnant my husband was the overnight guy. He would check me in the middle of the night and also let me know if my alarm was going off. BUT, he wouldn’t ever touch the CGM or pump. He would just wake me up to correct if I am high, and to treat if I was low. He’d bring me my glucose (still does) If I am low in the middle of the night.

If you need a break though and your wife is comfortable with helping you, I don’t think its you being cranky but, if she isn’t comfortable that is tough. I agree with Katie you have to respect.

I hera you and that is why I needed a “reailty check.” I guess sometimes I want a break!

Sort of the same here as Gina said. My husband will wake me up for alarms and sometimes even test my blood for me. He will bring me juice if I am low, but he doesn’t touch the pump–just listens for alarms. He might do it if I asked him to but it never really crossed my mind.

Funny how we (the diabetics) become desensitized to the CGM alarms and sleep through them but our significant others do not. (though at least SOMEONE is waking up to them!)

Hmm my husband totally goes and brings me something for a low in the night, regularly. As for the pump, he will wake me up but never ever treats it, ever. I can’t really explain why specifically but that’s how we roll I guess lol. If I need to be checked in the night because of a situation or circumstance he always sets the alarm and he wakes me up to test or look at CGM and decide how to proceed together.

I hear you “guys”.


No, this is not rude at all. When I was diagnosed at age 8 my mom constantly checked me at night. As I got older I made it my responsibility to check but if I was feeling off that night I would ask her to keep an eye out for my blood sugars. And if I wake up either for a high or low during the night, I never alert my mom unless I need her or if I am really low.
As I am getting ready to “leave the nest” I do try to do everything on my own, but in my opinion the more help you receive from a loved one the easier it is.

Best of Luck,

-Hannah :slight_smile: