Help! Trying to replace my cgm but it keeps failing :(

Hi all :wave: I was recently diagnosed with T1D in March.

Anyways, here’s my dilemma: today my sensor started to fail so I replaced it. Unfortunately, within five minutes of the sensor warmup session, the app told me that the sensor failed. I tried re-using it by typing in the code again and the same thing happened. Then I got out a new sensor, injecting it (this time it was very painful) and it started the sensor warmup and then failed again.

I am wondering if I need to wait a certain amount of time to start a new sensor after stopping my old one, or if the product sometimes malfunctions? This didn’t happen the first time I changed my sensor so I am just very confused and distraught and this has taken away most of my time today. Does anyone have any advice or know how to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

EDIT: I put it in my arm - I don’t know if that helps at all but…

How frustrating! You may have gotten a bad batch of sensors - unusual but it does happen sometimes. I’m assuming you’re referring to Dexcom - I would get on the phone right away and let them know how many didn’t work so they can start the replacement process.
I’ve always wiped off my transmitter with alcohol and cleaned the site with some alcohol as well. When I have issues is mainly because I used a bad site and “hit a bleeder” - there was so much blood I could see it through the tape. I would call customer service for guidance and replacement.
It might be good to see if they can check your transmitter as well, to cover your bases.

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@Grant567 Hi Grant, and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum!

First, I hope that you contacted Dexcom and discussed this issue with an expert. How did you determine that the sensor was faulty? Did you wait the three hours as directed? The usual reason for a sensor failure is the manner in which it is implanted, or if the sensor wire is being compromised by compression against muscle or bone. Very common in an arm.

A new sensor can be started immediately after the previous sensor stops. I often have my new sensor already in my body before the old one stops, then it is just cleaning the transmitter with alcohol , letting it dry and then insert and start.

You might want to try one of the other approved sensor locations. If you get the sensor wire bound in a muscle it won’t be happy. The arm is also my preferred location but I have found I have to pick my placement carefully to avoid muscle issues, and I typically know that I picked a bad spot when it is usually painful upon insertion. Dexcom will replace your sensors if you contact customer service. Just FYI they will likely tell you to move away from the arm, its not their favorite location.

The sensor wouldn’t finish warming up and my app would say that the sensor had failed. My dad called dexcom to get replacements. I also had my dad inject another one and it finally worked thank God :clap: (my dad also has T1D) so it could’ve been that the other sensors were faulty or I just suck at putting it in lol :man_shrugging: