Help! Type 1 Diabetes and ADHD

Help.  Does anyone have any Type 1 Diabetes and on a ADHD medicine?  My son is 6 and was Diagnosed in August this year.   He has trouble at home and at school with being hyper.   His blood sugar is good.   His grades are good but the teachers are having problems with his behavior.  His doctor suggested that I put him on ADHD medicine.  His sister also had ADHD.  Its just so scary !


hi! I have T1 and ADHD.  I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was very young, but I wasn't medicated until I was 9.  It was a long time ago, they didn't medicate kids the way that I do now.  I was not diagnosed with T1 until I was 14.

I'm not sure what you need help with, I take medication now, and I have for years.  I'm 22 now, so its vastly different.  I have never had any problem with my ADHD meds interacting with my blood sugars.  I think it is a desicion that you have to make weather or not you are going to medicate him. 

If you have any specific questions I can try to help you with I am glad to! Have a good holiday!

My son (10) had severe ADHD, Autism, and newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetes. we just put him back on his Concerta about 2 weeks ago so he could return to school. 

What ADHD  med are you taking?

do you think Insulin could effect the ADHD med ?my son is 6 and we have tried 3 they all seem to not work he metabolizes everything so quicly, I am wondering if that is why the drugs don't last?