Help with cost

I am new to Juvenation.  My daughter was diagnosed Oct. 11th,2009.  We have no medical, my husband is unemployed and I have a temp job.  I have been tolds I make too much money to get any assistance.  Can anyone give me some direction to get some assistance with supplies and the insulin?  My family is barely making it and now with this added cost, I don't know what to do.  She also has a cavity that needs to be filled but I don't have the money just yet for that either.  I have been told I shouldn't wait because it could be dangerous.  Help!  From a concerned parent of a newly diagnosed 10 year old.

You need to check with the local human services (ie .. used to be welfare) they could tell you.  I live in CA and we have a program called CCS that covers all of  my boys expenses for the their diabetes until they ture 18 at no cost to us. 

If your daughter had a stay in the hospital at dx they would also be able to give you info.



Ask at your diabetes clinic or regular doctor if there is a social worker that you can talk to. I know it can be hard telling your personal financial situation to a stranger, but they will understand the problems you are having and can help you navigate the different agencies that might help you.  I find it hard to believe that you are making so much money from a temp position that your daughter can't get coverage thru a state agency. If you are above the income levels, you might try contacting the different drug companies, most of them will provide some level of assistance too. You could also contact JDRF or the American Diabetes Association for help. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon problem, so they have resources to help.

A new diagnosis is hard enough (and that first trip to the pharmacy is shocking enough) without the added financial worries. We are here to support you!

I would also talk with the dentist office about a payment plan ahead of time for the filling. It won't hurt to ask.



Dear Lynn, when my son was diagnosed the social worker at the hospital told us about The Bureau for children with medical handicaps (BCBMH). Diabetes falls into the category of a medical handicap. I would suggest calling the hospital where she was diagnosed/ stayed and speaking with the social worker. If that doesn't work try letting your physician know what's going on. A lot of times they can get you free samples of test strips and insulin, and will be able to assist you in gatting the financial help you need. Being diabetic is expensive. We have insurance and our son's insulin and test strips run us around $300.00 per month. I hope this advice helps you. Good Luck Susy