Help with daycare/schooling for a diabetic child

I can't believe how hard it is to find anyone willing to look after a diabetic child.  The lack of help for ANY and ALL organizations to help with families and even single parents to get help to look after their children.  My fiance who had to quit her job 2 1/2 years ago when her child was first diagnosed.  Just finally went through $2k of training to get work and just started work this week.  To find out her daycare wants $18k over the next 6 months for the "extra" care her child gets.  Her funding ran out that she was getting and is now facing having to quit her job yet again to stay home to look after her child.  How is she suppose to care for her child and not work??   There are no groups in the Greater Vancouver area that seem to want to help.  We can't get ANY answers out of any foundations on where to turn to....  it's sad to think that there are SOOOOO many families in this same situation and everyone turns a blind eye to it

I can very much relate to your situation.  I am a single mom and my child was going to summer camps at a very well known children's center.  They told me that my child could no longer go to their facility unless he could inject himself with insulin.  He is 6.  Although he can inject himself sometimes, he cannot calculate the carbs and units he would need.  So I am stuck trying to find someone to care for him and train them on how to do this and it has been very hard.  I'll keep you all in my prayes.  Just know there are others in the same boat.  I was just blessed to find a woman in my church who would be willing to watch my son and let me train her on giving shots.  She is a type 2 diabetic herself so she understands a little bit.  But I know her already and trust her.  Perhaps that could be a place you can all look or put a request out?  I will keep you all in my prayers that you find the childcare you need! I know how hard this is.

Have you tried the American Diabetic Association or your local JDRF? They may be able to point you in the right direction. I'm not sure if you have a Goddard School in your area, but my son attended and they were willing to do everything for him. It required a signed waiver from me releasing them of any liability of course, but worth it. We did everything by phone, step by step if they had questions. I hope this helps a little and I really hope you find the help.

So, this makes me sad to know that there aren't more organizations to help out in these situations.  I am a Type 1 myself and am going through my first pregnancy, but I have babysat for diabetic children before and even had a diabetic child in one of my elementary drawing classes.  Once I have my baby, I will be a stay-at-home mom.  But, I'd love to open my services to diabetic children as a low-cost daycare catered to their needs.  I know in the Bay Area, where I live, daycare is pretty expensive, but I'd like to be able to offer a minimal charge so struggling families or single parents can afford it.  How can one go about getting licensed for this type of service?

You'll have the best luck using a home daycare, rather than a childcare center.  In my experience home daycares are more accomodating at dealing with special issues.  They also have a consistent caregiver, instead of a center that has constantly rotating staff.

I was diagnosed with D when I was 4 and my babysitter at the time was glad to do whatever was needed to take care of me while my single mom was at work.  Now that I'm a parent, I was really thankful my son attended a home daycare when he developed eye problems and had to have surgery and use eye patches.  My child's caregiver was willing to do whatever was needed and I'm grateful.  My son is now school age and outgrew the daycare.  The large childcare center we use now is much less accomodating. 

My Fiance has been unemployed for almost 3 years now since first Diagnosed.  She had to quit her job to take care of him.  She been through a divorce and is trying to get back on her feet.  First step is she needs employment.  She has put herself through training for a new career over the past 6 months and was offered a terrific position as an administrator.  Which she has been at for the past 2 weeks.  The preschool she has had kid at during these past few months, decided that they want an extrodinary amount more of money for his care.  She has been getting assistance for the childcare and his disability, which all seem to have run out this month.  Now the Preschool is asking for $18K over the next 6 months on top of the normal daycare rates.  A charity had stepped up to help with the funding until they seen the sticker price of what the daycare is asking for.  They know that we are stuck on the edge of the cliff.  If we don't pay it or find funding.  We will have to take him out of the preschool and my Fiance will have to quit her new job.  Which she has worked so hard to get and paid a lot of money in training for.  It will ruin her career in this industry.  

Being in the greater Vancouver area, you'd think there would be more support systems out there for diabetic children and more support for childcare through school.  Reading the stories of Parents faced with schools telling them that they can't have their kid there, not only saddens me but scares me for when our little one goes to Kindergarden in the fall.  It will be like starting all over again with the training, trusting, worring, rushing to school to help test/control his numbers.  

just have nowhere to turn it seems.