Help with high blood sugars!

I will be 6 weeks this Sunday and I am struggling with extremely high numbers. My nightly basal rate has already doubled! I went from taking 6 units at night to about 12 units. I upped my daily basal rate also, but am still having frequent numbers in the high 200's. I am talking with our hospitals diabetes nurse almost everyday, but basically the best she can do is ask what my numbers are running and advise to tweak my basal or bolus up. I do see an endocrinologist who specializes in prenatal care next week. I am really concerned about the high numbers though. Does anyone have any advice? Are these high numbers really common this early in pregnancy? And does this increase my chance of miscarriage? I asked my nurse if my blood sugars could cause any complications with the baby and she just told me to not loose any sleep over it. I am trying to not really stress because I know that obviously won't help. But before I got pregnant my A1C was perfect and now I am continually having numbers in the high 200's, some very close to 300. So of course I'm worried!

I am also about 6 weeks and just emailed a doctor friend who is my life line with random questions about this same thing. She asked a specialist who told her to tell me that the most important thing regarding blood sugars and miscarriage is that as long as you were in control before getting pregnant your risk of miscarriage is the same as anyone elses. Current high sugars will not impact anything. Aside from the day before I found out I was pregnant and the day of I have only been running high for a few hours this morning so I cannot respond to the part about your sugars being so high just the impact on having a miscarriage. I was told not to stress as well, easier said than done!

Hi guys!

I'm so glad that I found this group! I am almost 5 weeks and pregnant for the first time. I am scared out of my mind about pretty much everything. My sugars have been pretty crazy and this all just started! I used to have a good grasp on what foods affected my sugars but everything has changed.  My doctor told me that the real danger for miscarriage is from hypos not hypers, so I've been struggling to prevent any crashes. I'm really scared about the high blood sugars because really bad hypers can cause birth defects. I had a yogurt for breakfast and I shot above 200! I can't believe that I have 9 more months of stress! I wish I had a fast forward button! My last A1C was 6.1, and before that, 5.9. I dread to think what my next one is going to be!

I also struggled with highs during my early pregnancy. I was told that as long as I keep close eye and bring them down quickly, I was not likely to cause harm to the baby. I, too, had great control before my pregnancy, with my A1C being 5.7%. Then, a few weeks later, my body changed and I started experiencing more lows than highs. I am still in that rut, and I am currently at 18 weeks. I talk to my nurse once a week and adjust my basal and bolus rates to target sugars of 70-120 throughout the day. Since I am changing with pregnancy, I can never quite hit that target consistently, but I feel confident that the work of myself and my nurse is EXTREMELY helpful. I am also on the Dexcom (continuous glucose monitoring system), so I can watch closely for highs and lows, as well as my daily trends.

Since I've been pregnant, my blood sugar has been all over the place.  I usually have pretty good control, but lately, my sugars have been going as low as 40 and is also often in the 200s.  (Once a 300!)

I went to my first prenatal appt. today and had all my blood work and urine analysis done.  The blood tests haven't come back, but the urine did, and it said that my glucose was 500 mg/dl!!!  What does that mean!  I tried to look it up online, and couldn't find anything.  Does it mean that my blood sugar sometimes is 500 mg/dl?  Or does it mean that my blood sugar has been so high so often that it's spilling into my urine?

My first appt. with my perinatologist is next Thursday.  I'm just so concerned for the baby.  Hopefully, we can get a CGM at that appointment.